CAVWP hogging machine

CAVWP (one of the two processes) has been hogging my machine for a long time. When I run Resource Monitor I can see that CAVWP is busily creating directories in c:\program data\comodo\cis\quarantine\temp and if I look at the folder the directories, which are named {randomcharacters} appear and disappear very quickly. It also appears, from Resource Monitor, that the folders are being written but never read.

So, what is CAVWP doing and why does it need to create these directories and immediately destroy them. It makes the disc very busy for no obvious reason. And if it is a routine scan, why can’t I see that it is running.

Correction - they are not folders being created, they are files and one did hang around for a while but it contains binary data so I can’t see what it contains

Further inspection of the process causing this issue is that it has started in mode AV Scanner but I cannot see what started it. Task scheduler may have the task to start it but if so, it has still taken more than 3 hours to complete, which is somewhat ridiculous.

Well, it eventually settled down but it was not pleasant while it was running.