cavwp.exe writes and reads SSD intensivly

From time to time cavwp.exe writes and reads SSD intensivly, on speed about 5 Mbytes per second! Why does it write so much? I’m afraid to loose my SSd drive. I turned off al checks on schedule.

How are you determining this activity, what are you using to view such action? What version of CIS do you have installed?

On taskmanager i click on “resource monitor” button, then appears resource monitor window. On tab with disk activity i sort processes by the “write” column. Numbers on the row with “cavwp.exe” are often updated, and it leads among all processes.

I see this activity ao once after system starts and i logon. Within some minitues it writes to disk about 1Gbytes!!! What for does it do it?!

Check the file path that has the highest write B/sec. For AV settings check to see if you have use heuristic scanning and scan memory when computer starts and finally disable decompress and scan archives files of extensions.

You’re SSD is going to last as long if not longer than a mechanical hard disk drive. Too many people are worried about exausting the writes of an SSD prematurely when in actuality, the likelyhood of doing this is pretty slim. What is the point of having an SSD if people are afraid to USE it.

The path - is the destination folder of CIS installation, i turned off oll features besides scanning on read, and firewall. But, what is the reason of writing (not reading) of size 1Gb on startup - i don’t understand.

the main “point of having an SSD” - is to have a fastly readed areas, for som favourite programs, not for all of them, course. there many features of different programs, which try to optimize their work by making some procedures as defragmention. They are not actual on ssd, and can lead to a problems in future.

Are you sure it is writing? The only time it should do any writing is when the AV database is updated and merged with the current installed database. Check the scanners folder with the CIS installation directory to make sure you only have one b00XXXXX.cav file. Also provide a screenshot of resource monitor with full path in view for cavwp process.

Sorry for long wait. Since this topis was open i upgradede my cmomdo once. But the problem is still on. And it became worse: now it loads SSD within 4 or 5 minutes. How can i see what exactly does it within all this time?



sorry, i don’t know how to post images in your forum, so a made 2 pictures with local links by attachment names, and 2 pictures with direct links to my profile on social net.

With resource monitor select the check box for cavwp.exe and expand the disk activity pane then sort by write column and look at the file path. See attachment for an example.

Thanx, there 2 processes. One of them has low write load and onather has high.

Cmd agent writes something into "base_upd_" files.They are not big. And cavwp.exe writes to b0028127.cav. It has size 333 Mb and newly created. Create and modify dates are same. Whar are the b.cav files for? There just 2 files with such name masks in same folder.




It is the incremental AV db updates getting merged into a single AV db.

Ok, but high load menas high IOps? very strange ;D 300Mb is tiny size for SSD to write within some minutes!!! Within such time it can write some Gb of data into many small files. Very strange.

Because it is doing so with low or background priority. When ever you notice such activity open the CIS task manager and take note of the running tasks and priority columns.