cavwp.exe running without av component, Comodo Firewall 6.3

I just installed the firewall component in CIS 6.3 in Windows 8 Pro 64 bit and I’ve noticed cavwp.exe is running in background and I thought that cavwp.exe is only used for av realtime scanning, as describe in here → link. Is cavwp.exe process is a must in Comodo Firewall? Or a kind of bug?

Hi RPLStrike,
I have seen this asked numerous times with no definite answer.
I presume it is normal behaviour and a requirement.
I will check with Staff for a more defined reason as to why it is required with FW only installs and when/if I get a response I will let you know.
I will also update the sticky topic once I know more.

Kind regards.
Edit: A PM has been sent to Staff.

I would like to add that it also performs AV functions even though I specifically installed JUST the firewall to avoid having an active AV component!

It detected one of my regularly used programs (VNC) as a virus, telling me so with a GeekBuddy popup (I also uninstalled GeekBuddy, which was forced on me without any option to NOT install it…), so I told the program to not bother me anymore, which resulted in VNC being blocked completely and I have no way to remove the block because my firewall lacks an AV section!

I’ve even tried adding the program to the firewall’s allowed applications but outgoing connections are still blocked. If it comes down to it I’ll just uninstall the firewall too and go elsewhere for my particular needs.

Hi Miker,
It does not perform AV functions, it does however still perform Defense + and file ratings functions.
Defense+ Settings
Manage File Rating
Please check the unrecognized file list for your blocked file, if it is present this can be moved to trusted files if you are sure it is safe.
Unrecognized Files

Also the GeekBuddy service is optional during install, please check the ‘Customize Installer’ function in step 2.
CIS Premium – Installation

Thank you.

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It wasn’t in the unrecognized files list but I did add it to the trusted files list manually and it now works, thanks.

However, the option to install geekbuddy or not is not present in the installer for Comodo Firewall. It IS present in the CIS installer, but I didn’t download that one.

That is good to hear, thanks. :-TU

However, the option to install geekbuddy or not is not present in the installer for Comodo Firewall. It IS present in the CIS installer, but I didn't download that one.
[s]I have never used just the FW installer and I presumed the option would have been available, I apologize for my mistake. I would regard that as a bug, it would be greatly appreciated if you created a bug report for this if you want to and have the time. [url=]Bug reports[/url] [url=]Bug report guidelines[/url][/s] [b]Edit:[/b] The GeekBuddy option is available with the Firewall only installer.

Thank you.

Note: Now I have thought about the cavwp.exe running on FW only installs, it is most likely required due to the ‘File Rating’ system.

Ok, thanks. I’ll look into that.

Hi Miker,
The GeekBuddy opt out option is available with the Firewall only installer as confirmed by another Mod.
I have now tested this for myself, so either you accidentally missed the option during install or you have a corrupt installer.

Thanks from Captainsticks.

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