cavwp.exe Hogging CPU

Whenever I boot up Google Chrome, cavwp.exe slows everything down, uses up a full core of my CPU, and prevents Chrome from doing anything. If I suspend cavwp.exe in Killswitch, opening Chrome makes no progress whatsoever until cavwp.exe is resumed.

Why is this? Why is it only happening with Chrome? It’s not cache building, as that option is turned off.

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Suspending a system process is a bad idea; it’s not limited to ‘cavwp.exe’ process.
Regarding slowdown, it’s hard to tell. Please provide more details (product version, operating system, etc).

I suspended it purely out of curiosity, since nothing else I tried seemed to work.

Windows version is Windows 7 Home Premium, unsure where to find specific version number.

COMODO Antivirus is version

Please upgrade to CIS 10.0 6092 and see if the issue persists. You can get the installer from here:

Will this keep all my settings, ignored files, allowed files, etc intact?

Also are COMODO Antivirus and COMODO Internet Security different things? Because I do not have COMODO Internet Security.

Yes the settings are saved when you export your active configuration except for your trusted file list, which you can also export then import after updating. Comodo Antivirus is the AV, HIPS, Viruscope, Web-filter and auto-sandbox, CIS is all that and the firewall, and CFW is everything except the AV.

How would I go about exporting my Trusted Files? (Such as the programs I have allowed to do x or y)? I managed to export the rest of my configuration. I have not upgraded yet.

Open the file list and click export see here for more info: File List, Internet Protection, Comodo Internet Security | COMODO then when you upgrade you would use exchange > import from the file list.

That list doesn’t exist in my COMODO. I don’t know where to find it.

I’d like a reply. I’ve been waiting 13 days now.

Advanced Settings > File Rating > File List
Press “ALT+I” keys > Export

I assume I need to uninstall CAV first before installing CIS?

It would be a good idea if you did but I don’t think it is necessary.

Updating to version 10 of CAV did nothing. The problem still persists.

I am also unable to import my file list, which I exported right before upgrading. It brings up this error:

I don’t want to have to go through the tedious process of training my HIPS again.

Just to be clear you’re talking about the trusted file list and the saved file is an .xml extension right? Or are you talking about the config file .cfgx when you get that error?

Trusted file list.

It didn’t fix the main problem I was having with hogging CPU either way. Tempted to remove COMODO and go with something like Microsoft Security Essentials.

Perhaps it’s a specific file that causes your trouble.

example steps

  1. run > type : resmon
  2. select ‘CPU’ tab > select ‘cavwp.exe’ process (from your description, there’s abnormal CPU usage)
  3. after you’ve selected process, check under “Associated Handles” (particularly, “Type” column > “File”)

The abnormal CPU usage only happens while launching Google Chrome. It prevents me from doing anything else. I can move my mouse and click on things but they do not open until cavwp.exe or Chrome is closed.

Do you have heuristics scanning enabled under real-time settings? That might be cause when it scans a particular file that is part of chrome, also do you have any 3rd party chrome extensions installed? Are you using the 64-bit or 32-bit build of chrome?

Heuristic scanning is on, though turning it off does not change anything.

I have about 30 Chrome extensions, none of which I intend to remove. It is 64-bit.