cavwp.exe even though only firewall was installed?

Why is this process running after a fresh install of only firewall?

Hi clockwork,
Comodo Firewall still includes a file rating system, working in conjunction with the Defense+ components.
Files are still being monitored, hence the reason for an instance of the ‘cavwp.exe’ to be running I believe.

Since removing the AV component has the issue with ‘cavwp’ using CPU during system idle time ceased, or is the issue still present?

Thank you.

Cavwp.exe is quiet (few seconds) since i uninstalled the antivirus component by a fresh install of fireall alone (+defense etc) with avast.

The svchost that hosts cavwp.exe is mostly quiet as well. But could get up to several minutes when using programs.
It was a lot higher when i got back to avira for a while meanwhile. Even though it doesnt host avira. (Got to 15 minutes once by playing a game)
Also cavwp.exe had an usage of up to +1 minute then.

Since i uninstalled avira as well (they still believe pop ups are the way to go) and use avast now (it seems to work with comodo again) the cavwp.exe-hosting-svchost is reasonable quiet (max 5 minutes though), as cavwp.exe is itself (few seconds).

But as cavwp.exe is the only “client” of that svchost, there is obviously still ongoing activity when using programs. I disabled viruscope and the other “rating” things available anyway.

I wonder what cavwp.exe is doing.
At least the hard drive doesnt get wasted anymore as far as i can tell.

What is cavwp.exe doing?
What is its svchost doing?
Why is cavwp.exe still there without antivirus component or rating setting?
Why is there ongoing action in its svchost while using a program?
Why was this action higher with avira?
Why is cavwp.exe scanning each day without instruction when antivirus is installed?

From what i can tell related to the settings, there is
a) a malfunction
or at least
b) an undocumented resource hogging feature that is not based on userdecision (unreasonable)

Since i cant say anymore that my machine never saw another antivirus (cleaned avira with extra utility), further tests will not be made by me with cavwp.exe.

Comodo antivirus became good meanwhile. But until this is fixed or explained, or based on a setting, i cant recommend it.

Hi clockwork,
Please note the following is on my personal speculation and not necessarily accurate.
Every component/module etc of Comodo Internet Security is relying on the trustworthiness of all files and their actions.
Even without the file look up rating system enabled or the AV component installed, other components are still trying to determine the actions of all files once they are loaded into the memory.

For example, the behaviour blocker is trying to determine whether or not to allow or block the request from any file.
I imagine the overall monitoring system of CIS to be using ‘cavwp’ in conjunction with a ‘svchost’ instance or process.

Also if another real time security program is installed (Avast/Avira etc), the monitoring process is going to be multiplied causing excessive unwanted and probably unwarranted CPU usage.

Disabling a function is not going to disable the process in most situations.

As I said, this is only my speculation or opinion and I will try to find out more from Comodo Staff.

Thanks for your patience from Captainsticks.

I have confirmation from Staff, that the ‘cavwp’ process is used for monitoring all programs/files even with Firewall only installations.
This is in addition to realtime scanning (AV) and cache maintenance.

Kind regards.