cavwp.exe and wuauclt.exe issues

HELP!..This part of my comodo CIS premium is causing me to experience very long waits to reach the internet and to serf the web! Why? do I need to alter it some way? … but instead, couldn’t an update be made available from Comodo to do it for me, and faster?

Every time I attempt to go online it activates and i wait, and wait, for up to 5 minutes. ! it is aggravating! it is using 113,000-120,000 K of my computer’s memory…and the computer is locked up during that time. What ever is it doing during this time? …and could it not do that at some other time?
Is what it is doing, really important?.. …and does it protect me?

I’m using XP Pro , V 2003 and service pack 3 and 2 gigs of RAM. and a Pentium 4 processor
Also… what is : wuauclt.exe ? it appears for awhile in task manager and then minutes later disappears.

Thank you, I eagerly await your help.

Sorry, but C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch\ (size: 71kb – md5: d334d955d85727879430f67f44cc8a81)

…is not causing my particular issue. For I have my updates set to automatic.

What I am experiencing is Comodo is doing too much of what ever it does, before it allows my computer to connect to the internet. I am paying Time Warner for fast connections and surfing, and their part is working without glitches. I have tested my theory by turning off Comodo antivirus , and my connectivity to get online, is then fast, fast!

I need my Comodo to be set up so that it does not scan documents and pdfs and other “things” repeatedly, every time I go online. Once it has scanned it one time that day or week, and verified it to be cleared of infections and / or a safe operation to allow, then I want it to be done, and it should not be scanned the next time I click to go online. I have this same issue whether I set Comodo to game mode or to another mode. I have been asking for solutions to this for 3 months now. My earlier version of Comodo never game me this issue… why does this version?

HELP please!

Please provide exactly which program you are using (Comodo Internet Security, Comodo Firewall, or Comodo Antivirus).

Also, copy and paste the exact version number.

Also, do you mean that there is a 3 minute delay to open your browser (but once it’s opened and able to access sites it’s fast like normal), that every site takes about 3 minutes to load, or something else?


HI, thank you so very much for replying!
Ok, I am using Internet security premium
I am unable to discover what version I have… for I didn’t see it listed any where that I looked. I even looked in the widget in the corner of the screen and saw no mention of version.
what I did see when I opened ISP , was that it updated an hr ago.
And That antivirus is at stateful. Detected threats is 0.

Auto sand box is partially limited. Sandboxed apps is 0 Blocked intrusions is 0 Unrecognized files is 4
HIPS is in training mode.
Firewall is in safe mode. in bound 0 and outbound 26 and green triangle. network intrusions is 0

Firefox exe is at 91.09
cmdagent.exe 8.77%
svchost.exe 0.00%

Latest scan was yesterday 4-4-2014
I switched to game mode yesterday just to experiment…as I don’t play games online.

Yes it takes 3 -4 minutes for my firefox browser to open, and meanwhile I am staring at my desk top. Not every site takes 3 minutes to load, but there has been many times when it takes 2-3 minutes to go from one web page to another either forward or back words.

Please try reinstalling by following the advice I give in this post and see if that solves this problem. Let me know if it helps.


Hi, I want to provide you a update and progress report. here it is: I followed your instructions. and my progress now is : so far so good. I found a link to your instructions on how to install comodo firewall, and I am currently following it. ( I was hoping to find a link to this and one for setting up CIS also. for it was way back years ago I read your instructions on setting up comodo, and it was so helpful and it kept me a comodo user as I was about to jump ship before I found your report. I’ll report back again with more progress reports.

I need your help in setting up and / or understanding what I am seeing reported back from firewall and sandbox ( i have never used sand box because I don’t understand when i would use it or why. same for unknown files and network intrusions I am just at home and not on a network, my computer is connected to a router by cat 5 cable, this
firewall is reporting system is trying to receive a connection from internet and i have to decide on a application remote what is this? what do i do, and what should I do to stay safe when such arrives on my screen? I don’t understand what this is telling me?
I also looked at the items to be voted on… for me, this is a great opportunity your providing! however, I feel I can’t vote and so didn’t because i was not understanding fully much of what i was reading, much of it is far above my head i will admit. However, what can be done to comodo firewall for users like me who don’t know how to answer firewalls questions like I explained above that i experienced?.. could there be an option added in the choices for “stay safe allow comodo firewall to decide” … for I am looking for comodo to make those decisions for me.
perhaps CIS could come with links, that show up during installation, to your very helpful instructions? and these could also be listed as links in comodo help?

I did see where my firewall was reporting that my computer was connecting to for a total of 5 times ( it was listed 5 times)
For what reason I do not know but what would like to.
I don’t know if it is safe for my computer to connect to this or allow this connection, but I hope you can tell me.
I did type that number into a Google search, and i was taken to a website page that says el hacker .net… I don’t know what that is, but hacker has me very concerned!.. Chiron is my computer infected and I found the hacker’s address!!!

Again thanks for replying to me, your help with comodo ,and the internet is priceless!

I’m happy to hear that my article is helpful. If you have any questions while following it feel free to ask.

As for your questions about configuring the firewall, and answering the firewall popups, I think your best option for that would be to open a new topic in the Firewall HELP section and ask for assistance there. That will get you the most relevant responses.

As for the wishes, if there are any which are too confusing the best thing to do is probably not to vote for them. However, if you think you may understand, but are not sure, you can always respond to the Wish Request topic and ask a clarifying question. The best way to learn is to ask questions. Thus, always feel free to ask questions if something is not clear.

If you would like to create a new wish for the firewall automatically making choices, which I do not believe has yet been created as a wish, you can always start a new topic in the Wish section. I can then help you use the format, and ask you guiding questions to narrow down how it could possibly be implemented. If you like we can do that.


Yes I would like your help with that!
I have today posted my requests, yes there are 2 now. Please rework, reword my wishes so that they read better and are much more clear. help me.
And thanks so much for offering to help me put together these wishes and for this opportunity to participate in Comodo’s growth. !

Yes I would like your help with that!
I have today posted my requests, yes there are 2 now. Please rework, reword my wishes so that they read better and are much more clear. help me.
And thanks so much for offering to help me put together these wishes and for this opportunity to participate in Comodo’s growth. !

Oh and how can I see and know at a glance that I’m using Comodo browsers and not just my IP’s? and if it is not a obvious thing to see and know, perhaps another wish could be that there be an icon that clearly informs users?

I have replied to your Wish Request. Let’s continue the conversation about the wishes in that topic.