cavse.exe keeps locking files - makes computer hard to use

I notice cavse.exe keeps locking files. A lot of times I try to move files, i get an error message saying that the file is in use by another process. I can unlock it and move the file, but it’s extremely annoying since it happens 90% of times when I try to move things. Also CAVS seems to lock up USB flash drives. After installing CAVS, CFP, and BOClean I noticed the flash drives being unable to eject safely. I’ve had it happen to 3 different computers so far. (:AGY)

Could you fix it so it doesn’t lock files or refuse to eject things from USB?

It would be nice if there’s an auto close option for the file submission with CAVS.

I have to register my agreement on this one. I am constantly having to unlock files from CAVS in order to delete them.

I experience the same problems. Especially when I’m not logged in as an Admin it becomes hard to delete/move files and impossible to eject my USB drive safely.

I really hope there will be some way to fix this.

I too am having this problem, is there anything that can be done?

Hi all, I’m sorry to say that this USB lockup bug has been there for quite a while now. I’m afraid we shouldn’t expect a bug fix in the 2.0 Beta, not the least because Comodo are working on the next 3.0 version now.


I have also been struggling with the USB removal problem. Have overcome it with a mixture of excluding it from on access scanning and My Computer / multiple eject. However, after buying a 2Gb SD card, access to this consistently :THNKcaused BSOD. Fine after removing CAVS. For me this has been a ‘final straw’. Continue to use Comodo Firewall, may retry CAVS when version 3 comes out.

cavse.exe locked all my files after scanning the hole pc. After rebooting I tried to reproduce the problem for a screenshot, but then files being unlocked normaly. On this moment the problem didnt occured agian.

It’s happening to me, too. I see this “feature” is at least 3 months old and no fix yet. In my case, it’s locking a fe required by an encryption product, and most of the desktop in some random manner. So Comodo needs to come off this machine. :frowning:

I too am having the same problem…
Though I have not done too much testing on this, I am sure it is due to Comodo Firewall or CAV. This problem only started when I switched to Comodo.

After copying a file to my Lexar flash drive, I cannot safely disconnect it in software…system responds by telling me to try later…can’t wait…I just yank it out. (:AGY)

I have this problem too, cavse locks many files and i cant downloada files because it locks them in some way before they are downloaded. If i disable On-Access scanner i can download files. Now i downloaded some files and tryed to change name on some and now no files are locked :S.

BTW the problem started and ended today, weird.

EDIT: now its back again


I just switched to it and have exactly the same problem … it locked down my entire system so that I had to hard boot it!
I ended up having to unistall it.

For those who wants to continue using CAVS but is frustrated by this problem, you can download the unlocker here

solves the problem of moving or deleting files. but it doesn’t solve the usb flash drive problem though.