cavscan command line

i alrealy tried
cavscan.exe c:
cavscan.exe -c:
cavscan.exe %1
but no ones works, alrealy search for it forum and help page and there is nothing about it
so how it is?

[s]I’ve tried,
Add Command Prompt as trusted (Or allow to execute Cavscan.exe etc)

CD “C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security”

start /wait cavscan D:\ & start /wait cavscan C:\

Start /Wait
will wait until the process is completed to go to the next command

“&” is just adding another command except without waiting for you to tell it what to do

“Start /wait cleanmgr & echo Temp Files Are Gone & start /wait blahblah.bat”[/s]

This will Launch the disk clean up and then display the message “Temp Files are Gone” (Once Disk Clean Up is done) then continue to do what ever you want etc

I found this to work for some reason?
am i the only one

UPDATE: Doesnt Work Just Splashes the GUI other then that nothing… (Tested with a Test Virus)


Yes, it’s interesting that CAV has command line support, yet nobody but the devs know how to utilize it. :-\