CAVS3 now included in virustotal scans!

Was just scanning some files at virus total when I noticed Comodo was listed! (B)

+1 :-TU :-TU :-TU


(and p.s…it detected that malware avast didn’t).


COMMODO actually did a better job than Sympatico Security and NORTON ANTIVIRUS .I had at least 12 infections :FAKEALERTS etc. It was very frustrating to say the least.

I will definitely spend any money to keep COMMODO.


Thank you guys!

Yep, we are on the way…its early days… but we do intend to give you one of the best if not the best AV! You deserve nothing less!

We hope to make another release soon with our AV that will have the first version of our heuristic and many other improvements along with a very robust AV Lab infrastructure that is growing and becoming very effective.

I think we are well on the way to be one of the leaders in AV industry!


Congratulations Melih, you are well on the way to proving the doubters WRONG.


Thanks Melih, thanks a lot.



Nice! Cant wait for the heuristic engine!
CIS new version is coming this year? :smiley:


I think this is a huge step forward. Again Melih, everyone is proud of your team!!!

Congrats with getting Comodo in Virustotal.

I assume the CIS with AV heuristics is still scheduled for the end of the year as was mentioned before (which is pretty soon of course)? (V) (R) (J)



Those are great news, indeed!!! It will bring power to CAV and along side with D+, well, CIS will be making a heck a job. I mean, a better heck a job! :smiley:

(I’m using full CIS right now!!!)

Best regards

Great news. I am looking forward to that updated and extended AV.

Thanks Comodo! :-TU

I hope memory and resource usage won’t be more because the current usage is so low which is so nice (L)

CIS will be the one!

Looking 2009’ AV versions we can imagine what will happen in next year. Norton line, the heaviest AV releases a super lightweight version (and I bought it) with very interesting features like Insight and continuous virus definitions updates every 5 minutes. CAVS engine are too slow sometimes and I think that - in this beginning of CIS - the most important feature is super fast AV scanning. Detection rates will be naturally improved.

Keep going and knows that CIS are to closer to have the best detection rate in braziliian localized trojans. With CAMAS-like heuristic will be the one at this field.

It should be listed on these to.
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Please guys, next time before you reply check the date of the last post…

The thread may be an old one, but it is a good point that CIS is not included in these other two yet, so although VirusTotal may be the most popular, many people may use the others and not see Comodo.

And i could show hundred of samples that Comodo doesn’t detect and avast! does, menaing results heare mean little to none.

and I can show the opposite…
but that is normal, no antivirus catches everything. that’s why you need back-up scanners. And avast is a great antimalware for that!