Firewall user for some time - excellent operation and appearance. Recommended to my groups - I’m moderator for about 400 users

Downloaded CAVS today - Questions/observations:

Seems to run slowly compared to AVG.

PC seems to run slower since install

If you want publicity for Comodo enable a “Certified Virus Free by Comodo” blurb attached to outgoing/incoming email. Propagation by default

Trying to access FAQ, forums etc defaults to IE when my default browser is Firefox?

Attempting to scan specific file with right click scans memory plus that file - why so? Memory/whole sytem scan should be isoltaed to whole scan

Thanks for your feedback, please understand that CAVS is still a beta product and is not yet completed, Comodo most likely get all of the antivirus tests done on the completed product.


Hi bruceisbister,
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Try with CAVS Beta 2 which is released for beta testers only under Beta Corner (

The memory scanning is removed when right click scannig is being done.


any thoughts when CAVS will be out of Beta status?

Harry :THNK

the beta version we will put live on 1st feb, we hope, will be a good one which will be followed by a Release Candidate soon after…