CAVS whitelisting

first off, I am very pleased with Comodo Firewall and eagerly waiting for CAVS to leave the beta stage as I have no system that I can afford to risk, even for a day … :wink:

As I understand it CAVS will use a whitelist of safe exe’s and will prevent, or at least notify the user when a non-whitelist exe is run. If an exe is not in the whitelist it can be submitted to Comodo, who will check it for malware and then add it to the whitelist if it’s considered safe.

Ok, here comes the question… (:NRD)
What is Comodo’s policy regarding hacked exe’s? For example, game exe’s with a no-cd hack and so on. I am not using any such exes, really :), it just came up when I discussed the whitelisting principle with a friend. Will Comodo prevent non-legal or semi-legal exe’s to be whitelisted?

Whilst I cannot answer for Comodo I have a feeling they are unlikely to whitelist illegal/dodgy software.

However, CAVS does have the option to add files to a user controlled allow/block list for non-safelist files.


Once Comodo get the file, it goes for viruses checking and file analysis for potencial virus footprint checking. So, if the program is not having any potential for infection, it will be treated as comodo safefiles.


we would not whitelist any dodgy stuff :slight_smile:


I am glad to hear it Melih!