CAVS weekly scan freezes on Stop .... and Def+ Predefined Policies vanished

I was running my monthly defragmentation when weekly virus scan started. It hangs on stop after i let it scan for a while ( 32000+ files scanned 0 virus detected since all the false/positives are now in my safe files list).

I hit the stop button again but than it frozes definitively.

I close CIS but it frozes badly … and the scan windows was still up.

After a reboot all Def+ Predefined Policies were gone… and CIS was asking for every single explorer.exe move.

Diagnostics of course was helpless… Everything looks fine … except the rules were empty and i was upset having no time to rebuilt them ( i had some specials blocks and netshare rules) nor reg restore solution…

Today after a full reinstall + full database download ( with reboot ) i uncheck the prebuild scheduled scans forever.

Nobody was killed except my precious time 88)

[CIS/CFP Reporting Script Version 0.723.1]

System Information

General Information

User ************ Member of {Administrateurs, }
Logged on machine *********
Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Premium 6.0.6002 SP 2.0
Codepage: windows-1252
Free Physical Memory: 1836MB

Data Execution Prevention Settings

MS Windows DEP Policy: OptOut
Hardware DEP available
DEP enabled for 32Bit Appplications
DEP enabled for Drivers

Version Information

INFORMATION: Installed CIS/CFP version [From Registry]: 3.12.111745.560
INFORMATION: Installed CIS/CFP version [From CFPVER.DAT]: 3.13.121240.574
INFORMATION: CMDAGENT.EXE File Version: 3.13.54210.572
INFORMATION: CFP.EXE File Version: 3.13.54210.572
INFORMATION: CFPCONFG.EXE File Version: 3.13.54210.572
INFORMATION: CFPCONFG.DLL File Version: 3.13.54210.572
INFORMATION: CFPLOGVW.EXE File Version: 3.13.54210.572
INFORMATION: CFPLOGVW.DLL File Version: 3.13.54210.572
INFORMATION: CFPUPDAT.EXE File Version: 3.13.54210.572
INFORMATION: CFPUPDAT.DLL File Version: 3.13.54210.572
INFORMATION: CRASHREP.EXE File Version: 3.13.54210.572
INFORMATION: FRAMEWORK.DLL File Version: 3.13.54881.573
INFORMATION: GUARD32.DLL File Version: 3.13.55704.574
INFORMATION: CMDGUARD.SYS File Version: 3.13.55704.574
INFORMATION: CMDHLP.SYS File Version: 3.13.54210.572
INFORMATION: INSPECT.SYS File Version: 3.13.54210.572

“Predefined Security Policies” Entries

INFORMATION: There are 0 “Predefined Security Policies” Entries reported In CFP Configuration Tree

“Computer Security Policies” Entries

INFORMATION: There are 39 “Computer Security Policies” Entries reported In CFP Configuration Tree
DIAGNOSTIC: 39 “Computer Security Policies” Entries Confirmed

Defense+ Settings

Image Execution Control Level [Normal] applied to “Files To Check” Entries
Defense+ Security Level [Paranoid Mode] and Installation Mode is active
Keep an Alert on Screen For a Maximum of 120 seconds
Trust the applications digitally signed by Trusted Software Vendors

[------------Activities To Monitor------------]
Interprocess Memory Access
Windows/WinEvents Hooks
Device Driver Installations
Loopback Networking
Process Terminations
Windows Messages
DNS Client Service

[—Objects To Monitor Against Modification—]
Protected COM Interfaces
Protected Registry Keys
Protected Files/Folders

[—Objects To Monitor Against Direct Access—]
Physical Memory
Computer Monitor

Update : It looks like an antivirus bug and a know issue :