CAVS Version release due today

This is just to inform everyone that today we will be releasing program updates to ComodoAntivirus for a crash reported by some users in file profiler module of CAVS.
This crash is discussed in following post:;msg73753#msg73753

The total size of update will be around 448 KB.

We will also update the setup available on Comodo site for this fix.


no download from CAVS updater except virus sigs update, is there any download link? got no problem with the version, should i update too?


Hi ganda,
We have yet not made updates live but are in the process of doing so. Once we do that, will announce the same.
Like i said it has a fix for a crash in UPSDBMaker application, if you are seeing that crash, you should else not a must.


Just to inform that CAVS V2.0.17.58 updates have been made live and setup has also been updated with the same at


Hello Umesh,

I installed the updates and everything works fine. However, just out of curiosity I uninstalled the updated and installed the latest CAVS from the Comodo website.

Everything is still fine but I noticed that the safelist database version is now After I had updated this still said but after installing the latest version from scratch it now says

Does this mean that the safelist database was not updated when CAVS updated itself?

No problems with the new install though: uninstall of old version went smoothly, install of went smoothly, safelist database maker ran quickly and no errors. Full system scan and everything else working as before.


Just to confirm my last post: I checked another system that has CAVS and after the latest program updates the safelist database is still, whereas it is on the system where I installed the latest CAVS from Comodo website.

Does this mean that unless you actually uninstall and install you will not get the latest safelist database?



Just tried the update button within CAVS and received “error number 302 File handling error”
I did a search and did not find anything on this.


This is on version

successfully downloaded the update from CAVS updater (:CLP)
now the version information shows :
build version :
virus database version :
safelist DB version :
program update version :

[colored red] what that means? no error? you mean no more ===> “error 002:failed to load safelist database”?
i still got this error.


Let me explain how safe database versioning works.

When we build setup, we supply a version of safe database with it and that’s what you see as version.

The update mechanism of safe database is not related to when you take updates explicitly, when HIPS alert appear, it checks if a file is safe or not in local data base and if not does a web lookup on comodo server and if it finds file safe on Comodo server, it adds that information to local safe database but in this process version remains unchanged and will always show what was shown just after installation.

So when you run updater, it only looks for program updates and virus signatures updates not for safe database updates.

We have million+ safe records in database which is available on Comodo server, but we can not dump that database on user’s system as all the files information which is in data base may or may not be present so when HIPS comes across a file and it does not find it in local safe database it does web lookup and additionally when you submit a file, before submission that file is checked if it’s already termed safe by Comodo or not and accordingly if found safe is added to local safe database.

So just to summarise, safe database gets updates:

  1. Through HIPS alerts
  2. When you submit files to Comodo server for analysis

Hope this explains as why database version remains unchanged after you update for program updates but changes when you install an updated setup.


Thanks Umesh,

thats clarified it nicely,

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