CAVS v2.0.17.58 Beta and True Launch Bar v4.1.4

You’d think after 8 months, the folks at Comodo would have looked into the bug I reported back in February and fixed it by now. (See my post;msg49825#msg49825 here). So, what’s up guys, it still doesn’t like TLB! ???

I’ve heard some problems with the combining of all the bugs that not all of them get resolved, so I think you should submit a ticket here, explaining the problem again and hope they do something about it, normally they do :slight_smile:

Hope I could help you

I suspect the list of bugs will not be fixed until version 3 is out, all of the developers time seems to be currently spent working on the new version 3 beta. Hopefully this will be released as a full version early next year, assuming the beta testing goes well.