CAVS uses 100 % of the disk when updating or scanning

Good day,

I just wanted to say, that when Cavs is scanning or updating it is using 100% of my disk :o, so it makes my pc barely usable… the disk usage rises just seconds after cavs updates or does a scan ??? … it makes my pc really slow, also when booting my pc, it takes much longer… :frowning:

The screen shots contain all the information you need. :slight_smile:

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The problem is because of this high disk usage, the fast scanning I loved about cavs is gone! I mean when I scan a folder that contains 1000 objects, cavs needs 7 minutes to complete it! ( cpu usage is about 20 % and disk usage is 100 % constantly…) that is a very long time compared to the scanner incorporated in the cfp firewall…

if I scan the same folder with a squared free it completes the scanning in less than 3 minutes!!! (cpu usage is about 30 % and disk usage is about 30 %…)

There is a serious problem in the scan engine of CAVS, it is not anymore what it used to be…