CAVS typo's ...

Under Scan Schedule I went to set up a weekly scan time, and see that the day “Saturday” is mispelled: presently it is spelled as ‘Satuarday.’

And after setting up a weekly scan, still under the Scan Schedule heading, and having selecting the Task Name for the weekly scan and clicking on its Properties button also shows the same typo (i.e. “Satuarday”) next to Scan Date / Time.

Comodo AntiVirus - Version Information Report

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Also under Description on the main page it says Colour instead of Color.

it says Colour instead of Color

which is correct, if using British or Canadian spelling. :wink:

Laurence (Canadian)

lol ok then I guess I’m wrong, although some U.S. users may think its a typo that isn’t being fixed.


I am new to this forum (well, to any forum for that matter) and have installed both the firewall and the anti-virus last week. I’ll share my experiences working with these programs in the corresponding threads later on. For the time being, I’d also like to report a typo which I’ve seen in the CAVS prompt to enter the activation code - it says something like “…the trial version WILL EXPIRES…”. I have downloaded the program from Comodo’s web-site. I don’t recall if the same typo is repeated in CPF though.



Hi! I am a very new user to Comodo and I want to thank you for this great programs (R). Anyway, I found a little bug… (nothing bad)… In the lauchpad, whaen clicking on the antivirus tab in your installed applications, the last line, the one with ‘Email (incoming and outgoing) viruse’ is spelled wrong… Shouldn’t it be ‘Email (incoming and outgoing) viruses’ ?

Thanks for all you did for us!