cavs slow download

I’m on dial up but the download for cavs is slower than normal, is it because i’m infected ?. My Normal is about 5kb/sec

hi edz, i had similar problems downloading cavs, try turning off or disabling your firewall. that helped with me, good luck, techdunce :slight_smile:

cheers techdunce i downloaded it now but i do not think it a good idea to disable ur firewall

Well, as you now know, CAVS is a rather large package to download, especially on dial-up! In testing the betas, I have downloaded it a number of times; depending on the bandwidth being used at either end, the speed can vary even on a faster connection. Sometimes it just absolutely seemed to poke along getting almost nowhere…

I agree; turning off the firewall is probably not the recommended solution. Very briefly to test some setting, probably ok; turning off for as long as it takes to download a large file over dial-up, no way! Gotta stay protected… (:KWL)