CAVS seems to slow down my browser when surfing

hi all,

I just recently downloaded and installed CPF and CAV. i heard that the firewall was an excellent program and upon getting it i saw the other free programs by comodo. Im not sure if others are experiencing this or not but when surfing the web my browser really seems to go alot slower. At first i thought maybe the firewall was slowing down my internet connection so i did online speed tests with the firewall running and with it completely shutdown, no difference. So i suppose it might be the on access scanner using up my cpu, because when shutting down the A/V my browser began running fast again. Or could be a combination of both the A/V and Firewall running together. But either way something is causing my browser to hang. Just wanted to let the comodo family know and see if maybe others were experiencing this. thanks! and keep up the good work!

P.S. I am using a rather slow computer, so that could be it, but i have run other A/V’s and firewalls together without the slowdown. (P2 450mhz, 384mb ram, Win2k pro) ;D


CAVS is very heavy on system resource usage at the moment, however I believe th 2.0 release of CAVS will be released on September 17th. Hopefully that release will resolve your issue.

Ok great, i look forward to trying out the next version. for now i will switch back to my normal A/V

Thanks for the update J,

Wow, the 17th seems so far away. I wait with baited breath (why would anyone want to bait their breath, seems like it would be kind of fishy, to me). ;D :smiley: