CAVS on WIN2000

I have CAVS and CPF running on my laptop with WIN XP Pro, and it works perfect.
So I decided to instal it on my WIN2000 machines.
It seems to instal allright, and apears to be working(I think), but I don’t see any icon of the programs in the the system tray. So is it running from start-up, yes or no?
With my XP-laptop they are visible in the trayfrom start-up, with both win2000 they are not visible. ??¿¿
When I click on the CAVS-icon on the win2000 desktop, then CAVS becomes visible in the systemtray.
Is this a bug? is this how it should be? Can someone enlichten me about this behavior?

It is nice to see that Comodo is becoming more popular in Holland :BNC.
Apart from the good behavior of the programs, Comodo has the coolest interface of all firewall and AV-software (:CLP) Very well done!!!

CAVS is only supported (officially) on W2k SP4, (32Bit, not 64Bit) or later (in addition to XP, of course).

Do your machines fall into this category?


Yes, every machine is upgraded tot Win 2000 SP4, + all later MS-patches.
I had running Symantic Firewall 2002 and Symantic AV-software, which I wanted to get rid of, and I uninstalled, in favor of Comodo software, because of my positive experiance on my XP-laptop.
The CAVS askes whenever I start a program if I want to allow it. So it seems to be working, but it does not show in the system tray.

If you go to Start/Run and type “msconfig”, then go to the Startup tab, is there an entry for CMain.exe (it may be shown as cnfgCAV)?