cavs missed it, spybot didnt?

hello all, and thanks for your time. yesterday i scanned with cavs (checked for updates first) and received a clean bill of health. then updated and scanned with spybot, spybot found a macro virus. it was in firefox bookmarks. not a major incident but, confidence in cavs is a bit shaken. any opinions out there. thanks in advance, techdunce :slight_smile:

That’s strange - can you forward a copy to Comodo for analysis. I said it was strange because FF’s bookmarks are stored as a flat HTML file with a series of s, so I don’t know what macro S&D was seeing or how it got there without causing a corruption of the HTML file.

Ewen :slight_smile:

hello ewen, thanks for getting back, i am a real novice at this,(hence the handle) so the first thing i did was remove the macro. i also removed cavs and went back to AOL anti virus shield. i dont keep reports as, to be honest most of the time i wouldnt know what i am looking at. but if spybot automatically keeps reports then let me know how to access them and where to send them.
incidentally, as a matter of interest, i have spybot settings according to instructions on this page.(second thread down)
thanks again for your interest.
p.s. will probably retrieve cavs but wanted to get a second opinion from AVS. shouldnt have uninstalled but like i said, real novice. techdunce :slight_smile: