CAVS Messing up Videoget downloads !

I love comodo AV but im afraid it doesnt love my Videoget program which downloads and converts youtube clips etc to wmv, avi etc.
Instead of the downloads going swiftly, they pause and stop/start a lot, can i exclude videoget or at least get it working ok with CAVS ?
Thank you. :wink:

Have a hunch you are using CAVS 2. Many months back Melih was not satisfied and initial work began on CAVS 3.
No one knows exactly when the “1st Public BETA” will be out

Until then many here have advised to try one of the current AV products available Free or limited trial.

On certain downloads you may need to add that program to their allow / exceptions list. Or to temporarily turn off the AV guard. If possible, I would always keep it on!


Yes you can exclude the program from the on-access scanner and hips

It will be under settings

I’ve sent you a PM


Thank you all, i tried the exclusions but no joy. ??? But without CAVS … videoget downloads all content quickly and smoothly, with CAVS installed it hits 14% pauses then hits 22% pauses and so on until completion, hope you can offer a few more fixes !! Merci. :wink:

The Moderators are testing CAV3/CIS & Hope to have it out very soon.