CAVS Just can't continue like this!

This is my first posting here and I apologise for it’s length. I promise any future comments will not be this long!
Firstly, as a Psychologist can I say that forums in general tend to attract a lot of people who are either deliberately confrontational or are overtly more aggressive than they would normally be during their (normal?) daily lives. This of course is designed to provoke a reaction and if readers ‘bite’ too easily on the content then their replies will only feed the originators desire to produce much more of the same!
Now down to business, and should I, or anyone else for that matter, be using Comodo as a primary AV? Well, as with any security solution the choice should be based on need and this can only be defined from an accurate risk assessment. If you participate in file sharing, surf ‘lip-smacking’ sites from Russia and Thailand, or generally stray onto the ‘dark side’ of the web then for you Comodo is as much use as a fart in a teacup! You should at least be looking at Gdata or the best of the free AV’s in conjunction with a top firewall (Online Armor, Outpost or Comodo) and be disciplined enough to use (properly!) a sandbox for surfing. Currently, Avira is miles ahead of the rest of the free AV’s in the detection of both existing and unknown viruses (see links to independent tests from and Avira’s own website). If on the other hand like myself and millions of others you take care with what you load by disc, use a safe browser (Opera safest and quickest!) and your web usage is restricted to mainstream sites for news, current affairs, Youtube, MajorGeeks and Softpedia, then Comodo, AVG, Avast - right down to ‘Scumbag AV’ will provide adequate enough protection. We alone then have the enviable position of being able to choose our AV simply because we like the icon or how it is set out without worrying if the detection rate is 93.4% or only 76.8%.
So, where in reality does this leave CAVS2? Well, CAVS2 is a truly great program but in truth is just not good enough to deserve the following that it has. Like Manchester United, Comodo has amassed a following that will support them through pretty much anything but that still doesn’t give them the right to field a reserve team for an important game. Comodo obviously has the knowledge and expertise so it can only be a matter of funding. In business, any business, the product you put out is only as good as the materials fed in to make it and in terms of responsibility this rests solely with the CEO although I appreciate that he and his budget planning is ultimately accountable to the shareholders. Before gaining my PhD I spent a lifetime in sales and was very good at what I did. I could sell a gas refrigerator to a family of Eskimos in an all electric house – but that wouldn’t make it right! This is where I believe Comodo is now. So, CEO and Chief Execs take notice and dig a little deeper into those smart corporate pockets and release sufficient resources to drag CAVS2 out of beta and into a final release stage that is more comparable with the great V3 firewall and at least comes much closer to the AV standards set by Avira. When you can do this then the loyalty of your supporters will be deserved and the propaganda on your website justified. Until then guys I’m afraid you’re still taking the pi**!
Regards to all other Comodo fans and here’s hoping for a 2008 full of hope and stability?

Hello Midnightcowboy and welcome to the Comodo forums.

A new version of CAVS is currently in development and I think there has been intense development work carried out for several months on this so far. CAVS 3 promises to be a huge leap forward from CAVS 2 and we are all waiting impatiently for it to be finished. From comments made so far the first beta release of this new version is intended to be virtually ready for general release. This new version is supposed to integrate very well with CFP3 to give incredible layered protection.

Keep checking the CAVS board on the forums for announcements about CAVS 3. I pray it wont be much longer…


(:HUG) welcome Midnight Cowboy (:WAV)
glad to have a Phd on this forum :smiley:
i don’t really understand this though ??? :

i agree on CAVS issue, gimme CAVS3 :BNC


Avast sits still on version 4.7 for how long ? 2 years ? AVG on 7.5 for 2 years Avira is not moving too !

So go CAVS go ! We want 3 ! We want 3 ! :BNC 3 points ! Nothing but net ! (:KWL) (:LGH)

wow 2 years i didnt think it was that long lol :THNK

and CAVS?

CAVS 2 in beta stage for 2 years too ! (:SAD) (:AGY) (:LGH)

I’ve deleted a post I wrote in answer to MidnightCowboy in order to avoid making a flame with this thread, and thinking that after all it would be better to ignore MidnightCowboy’s post, but guys don’t make me regret it. This guy has been pretty insulting for Comodo and other software companies, and doesn’t deserve that you comment his topic. If you want to discuss CAVs subjects, I’m sure another thread would be more appropriate. I’m actually a bit shocked to see that people post here as if the way the thread started was normal, which is not the case.

(the insulting “comodo & other security companies”) really ??? :o i’ve read your deleted post (:TNG) , yeah, that’s pretty rough ;D . what did he do wrong? (this is off topic, let’s do it fast before one of the mods remove it ;D

you should read his post again may be…

yeah it’s rude, but we’ve seen worse posts than this ;D .
i think the main point of the post is: pls improve CAVS & make it better & more stable than CAVS2.
it’s just fine i guess, you know, he’s a Phd afterall ;D

Hi Midnightcowboy,

Many people are using CAVS to test it, specially considering that it’s in beta, not because they have blind faith in Comodo; maybe because they want to help in its development. As NTTW said a new version of CAVS will be released shortly, and then after a while it should finally be out of beta. Then we can start comparing it to other AVs. Right now CAVS is a product in development, and some of the AV companies have been in the business since the 80s so no wonder that they have a lead for the moment.

However I’d like to warn you that one AV no matter how good, is no guarantee at all, you still must be careful what you let into your computer and in what terms. Recently I downloaded a file which I had reasons to be very suspicious about. I could have trusted Avira which I use, but to be sure I scanned it with Kaspersky and AVG AntiSpyware on top of Avira --no detection with any of the three. Since I was really suspicious and it was just one file, I uploaded it to, and it so happened that it was a trojan as I suspected, it was detected by BitDefender, Microsoft, Norton and some other that I don’t remember with similar names, but nearly 90 per cent of the scanners didn’t flag it. If none would have, still it wouldn’t mean any guarantee.

I am COMODO user and i post in this forum. I’m teacher and i feel happy, but my life isn’t normal,hahaha.
I can insult you, but your words are doing it yet.

Two years of beta stage isn’t long time if you want an outstanding product, and for free.
COMODO isn’t an AV o FW brand, you must remember it before talking with no sense.

Let me lie down on the couch first…:slight_smile:
now i can talk…

First of all: the CAV is not an issue of money. Its just pure timing. We wanted to build a comprehensive, efficient and working architecture for PC Security. Things have to gel together when used in combination. The main platform for that is the CFP architecture. It allows for modular architecture. the CAV 3 engine has been completed for quite few months now, but just engine on its own without the supporting platform can’t do much.

Now that CFP platform has been ready (we released at the end of Nov and has been improving it till now), we are going to add the CAV 3 basic engine into CFP initially. Then we will expand it by integrating it further (of course once fully integrated you will have the option to run each product on its own or all together).

We want to give you a “Protection” that works! Using
as the main layers. Each layer has to be aware of the other layer and intercommunicate etc etc.

Now, we have sorted the Prevention layer, our focus is on Detection :slight_smile:

so pls bear with us a tad more, i promise u it will be worth it :wink:


I can only speak for myself, but I rather enjoyed reading MIDNIGHTCOWBOY’s post. There is nothing wrong with a “sh** of get off the pot message” to stir up the pot and inspire some thought… especially one laid out with some seemingly well thought out factoids/details.

It’s miles above a “CAVS suxxorz” mentality comment, and I for one find it refreshing :■■■■

Oh, I’ve seen the beast that was CAVS 1, and treaded quietly around the early versions of CAVS 2 that knew the vanishing DLL trick… oh ho… good times… :BNC

But I know the saga will be justified when CAVS 3 finally stands up makes itself known. (V)

Oh yeah baby :BNC Can’t wait. This will be the bomb. :SMLR Thanx for the comprehensive explanation (:CLP) (B)

A little off topic, but I’m interested in knowing if CFP will be continued as a suite: it looks like that, since the CAV engine should be there, but also Memory Firewall. Then it won’t be far away from being a suite. If you ask me, it only depends on the exact meaning of having the CAV engine in place - if it includes AV functionality with signatures, I think we’ve got a full suite… I’ve always liked the idea of a Comodo suite, but I also know that many people wants CFP totally stand alone (some people don’t even want Defense+ in it!).

Anyway, to MIDNIGHTCOWBOY: be patient. CAVS 2 has been here for a year or so, more or less exactly like today’s version. I shouldn’t have to repeat what’s been said in numerous of posts now - CAVS 3 is on its way!


The guys showed me the integrated CAV3 engine running in CFP v3…
me like :BNC

soon guys, soon… it will be basic version of the CAV3 engine first…then the full version of CAV3…



Oh boy oh boy oh boy ! My hands are shaking, and I’m sweating :BNC So it will be Vista compatable from the start ? :SMLR

(R) (L) (B)

What were the first impressions Mr. Melih ? :SMLR