CAVS - it doesn't work!

Hi all… I have installed CAVS 1.1 but it doesn’t work…
Windows doesn’t respond mouse clicks, nothing… the bad GUI (it beauty, but…)

I liked CAVS, but it doesn’t work…

help me, please?

Hi and welcome,

The latest version of CAVS is available on the forums in beta corner. This has fixed a number of issues like this from version 1.1

Remember, as version 1.1, this is a beta product and you may want to read the bug reports and follow advice on backing up your computer before installing.


Ok, friend Mike…
thanks for Welcome.

I’ll follow your instructions.

Hello all…

I have uninstall CAVS 1.1 - and after - I have install CAVS
but it NOT works too.

The same problems there was in 1.1 are in v.… the same thing!

thanks for help

Hello Interkid
I had much the same problem when I first tried CAVS. I found that I had to do the following.

  • a total uninstall.
  • deletion of left over files.
  • clean the registry with good registry cleaner
  • reboot
  • uninstall my firewall CFP
  • uninstall any other programs or utilities that may interfere such as adaware, spybot, spyware blaster etc.
  • disable my spam filter.
  • reboot
  • make sure that CAVS is the first program you install for protection.
    This should work for you. After that you can install your other protection.

I’m going to install Active Virus Shield, from AOL.


I’ll try again, following your steps.

I have installed now:

SpyBot S&D (in real time)
Arovax Shield (in real time)
Win Patrol (in real time)
A-squared FREE
Spyware Blaster

Regardless of what security products you use, Interkid, it is very important to disable all current active security (such as SpyBot S&D, Arovax Shield, etc) before installing other security products (such as antivirus, firewall, etc). Actively-running security applications are known to conflict with such installations, frequently without the user being aware… then the installed application doesn’t work properly.

JJasper has very good advice there as well - when you uninstall such software, be sure to clean out old files, run a registry cleaner to remove the leftover keys, before trying to install new security software. Even though the old software is uninstalled, there are frequently residual traces of it that still conflict.


and… I need uninstall all security products?

And if I only UNABLE them?

DEactive them before… and… install CAVS…

and after… reactivate them again?

Just ■■■■■ it and go with that AOL Security Shield thing. We’ll only be mad at you for not using CAVS once it comes out of beta. ^^

No, you do not need to uninstall the security programs before installing something else…

Only disable them; then reactivate after the installation.

However, I would not advise trying to install a second antivirus while one is still installed; only disabling one to install a new one tends to cause problems.

Example: If you are running ActiveShield, and decide you want to try CAVS (or any other AV program), it would be advisable to completely uninstall ActiveShield before installing CAVS (as compared to just disabling it…).


Thanks, LittleMac…
and all

you’re great friends.