CAVS Installation problem - split by Mod

I have a problem with Comodo Anti-Spyware …in that being… i cannot instal it unless i have IE installed (:SAD)…

Having nicely made my own XP SP2 disc missing all the ■■■■ like IE and MSN and other stuoopid paraphenalia Bill Gates so likes us to have (i`m phobic about Bill Gates he has backdoors in all his software)… i have Netscape 8 installed … Alas i do get this problem alot with some software. And now i get it with Comodo Anti-Spyware… i fail to see the reason why such a software needs to recognise there is any net browsers installed in the first place :slight_smile:

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I have split your post out from Melih’s “Security” topic, so it will get more coverage and be better-addressed.

You shouldn’t have any problem installing CAVS, regardless of your browser.

Can you explain a little more about what you are experiencing?