I see that CAVS offers HIPS! My question is it really needed since the CFP 3 has it integrated (Defemse+)? What would be the point of having HIPS running in CAVS?

no, you should only use 1 HIPS and i think you should disable CAVS HIPS coz defense+ is much better.

In addition to this I think its important to mention that when CAVS 3 comes out it will only be one HIPS or another from what I can understand. They will be integrated a lot better so you won’t have to choose one or another.


It depends. If you want a more flexible, more secure, and possibly more chatty HIPS, then go with Defense +. If you want a more basic, less chatty HIPS, then go with CAVS.


Novice user/performance: CAVS HIPS

Advanced/security: D+