CAVS/HIPS only monitors C:

2007-05-11 I posted this message:,4916.msg63537.html#msg63537

Now I know, that HIPS doesn’t monitor what you execute from other partitions than C. Let me explain: There has been a Windows installer problem (at least for me!) lately, making it impossible to execute files from e.g. D, but just minutes ago I got a Win XP patch from Microsoft. Now it is possible to execute from D. I tried it, and HIPS didn’t warn. The file was not in the database - I copied it to C, executed and then HIPS warning came up.

Does Comodo intend to enable HIPS also for non-C partitions? I think that would be good :slight_smile:

It must be a bug on your machine. Hips warns me for programs on all my partitions/drives

I think I’m going crazy now. To verify what you wrote, I once again tested to run an exe file from D. Now this Windows installer problem has returned. Thus, HIPS didn’t get the chance this time to alert, since nothing managed to be executed from D. Really annoying! Perhaps it’s a Win XP bug here. Nevertheless, I did execute something a couple of days ago, which wasn’t stopped by HIPS…

This is not a security issue for me, as I know what I’m doing. Just wanted to check with Comodo if there actually isn’t any HIPS for non C partitions. Might be important for other users of CAVS!