CAVS HIPS Application Control Alert

I cant say enough how much I appreciate there being a quality AV and FW application that is free. This is just awesome.

I have installed CAVS, CFW and Anti-Spam. The problem I am having is that when I start something up, like an application that hasnt been cleared, CAVS pops up the Application Control Alert asking if I want to block or allow. I go to select allow and its locked up. It doesnt lock up the application or the computer, but I click on allow and nothing happens. Its like there is another pop up behind it that has focus and wont allow me to clear the one I can see.

Now I read in the forum here that the firewall app and AV have HIPS? Is my problem there perhaps? I think they are both enabled but Im not sure Ive had so much trouble with this one issue I havent been able to set thing up properly yet. The only way I can get rid of the pop up is to reboot. Sometimes I can click on the Allow button before it shuts down and then I dont have the problem any more, but Ive had to do this many times and its getting kinda old having to reboot so much.

If you are using CAVS alongside Comodo Firewall 3 then you should disable HIPS in CAVS and ensure Defense+ is enabled in CFP3 - the HIPS with the firewall is much more advanced than that in CAVS and both should not be run at the same time.


and within weeks CAVS 3 will go BETA, and that will eventually go into CFP 3 :slight_smile: So its cool!!!

CAVS 3 will rock!!!

Exceelent, I have turned off the HIPS in CAVS and i had the Defense+ enabled, so hopefully Im good to go.

If you are sure your pc is free from malware then Defense+ in Clean PC Mode will protect you well. If you are unsure then put it on Train With safe Mode - if you get any problems there are plenty of users who have been using this for a while as well as Moderators and Comodo staff who can try and help answer questions on the Forums.


Im about 99.9% sure its free from anything like that, but I did put it in Train with Safe Mode just to be sure.

Thank you so much for all of the help. That was the only issue I had with the install was just those messages popping up to allow or block and not being able to click on them. Everything went flawless with the install.

Im just floored that there is someone out there producing this high of quality software for protecting your PC and its all free. I can finally say good bye to the competitor that slows my system down so bad it makes you not want any protection at all just so you can use your PC.