CAVS - do I install it (now)?

Hi! I am a new proud owner of Comodo Firewall. (:

I first heard of your product on:

They recomended your firewall as the best… And they were right!

Later I discovered you have also a (beta) AV(S)…

I have already ordered the CAVS and got the activation code, but after going through the forum I got some concernes and questions before instaling:

  1. The uninstall problem the beta (still?) has sounds like a big problem. I am not a computer expert, so if for some reason I decided to uninstall it… Will I have the same hard to fix problem(s)?

  2. There will soon be a stable version. Shuld I wait? If I do, will my already receaved activation code be still valid then? If not, and I decide to install for this reason the beta version, will the stable version need me to uninstall the beta, before its instalation?

  3. In the forum I’ve read somewhere that the CAVS takes up much resources - in a way a contradiction to what is said about minimum system requirements for the program (50 MB available space on your hard drive, 128 MB RAM & Intel Pentium 300 MHz processor (or equivalent)). I have 1.8Ghz & 512Mb of ram, but I don’t want an antivirus that eats up most of my resources. Will/would it?

  4. The detection rate is (according to you just for now) a bit low, so by no means will I use this antivirus as stand alone. I use AntiVir PersonalEdition (highest detection rate among the free AV according to certain AV tests - esp. mega antivirus test). Can I have both active or will I have to choose one of them.

Also I have some other less critical questions/proposals (first three don’t belong in this part of the forum, but since I’m here already I hope you won’t mind):

  1. How do I change a blocking rule for an aplication in my firewall? I made a rule of blocking a process I later found I actually need/is usefull and safe. If I go to application monitor I don’t see it, just the ones I flagged green. What do I do? How do I change the rule?

  2. Do network monitor rules for an eMule and a BitTorrent client make my computer less safe (I did exsactly the way it said on this forum)? Why can’t I make these ports open just for this two aplications and not all other approved aplications? That wuld be much better and safer I think… Also port 80 for example just for IE and Firefox?

  3. IP blockling from blocklists like in Peer Guardian wuld even enhance the firewall protection. It wuld block IP’s from known bad sites automaticly… The lists allready exsist and are updated regulary (bluetack, sourceforge…)

  4. As I understand, the antivirus rules/hips or whatever you call them will work in a way like a firewall when an aplication tries to connect to the internet - if not approved, it’s blocked. The only diference is that here we have processes. Right? Will these AV hips allow the user to ‘‘change his mind’’ an allow a process or whatever, if it finds out it’s O.K. - not malware? That would be a good feature I think, so a user can correct his mistakes. Erar humanum est… (:

In the end I would like to express my gratitude for your free program(s) and my best wishes for the future.

                                                                           Thank you!

Hiya… To answer your questions…

  1. Uninstall problem should be fixed with Vers. 2 when it comes out next month.
  2. The activation code will still be valid. It would probably be a good idea to uninstall 1.1 before installing the new release / beta.
  3. CAVS does still take up a fair amount of resources but no where near what it used to. I works ok on my system with Pentium 1.6 and 512 memory but the program footprint will be reduced significantly when 2.0 comes out.
  4. The detection rate still is a little low but is growing every day as people submit virus definitions to Comodo. Mind you it has been know to detect some that others miss. With it constantly being updated but without a certified 100% from or one of those, I’m not sure if it currently detects all known viruses or not.
  5. to change a blocking rule, and it’s not on the list. Goto Security >> Advanced and uncheck “Automatically allow Safe Programs” this will give you a pop up for all the programs that try to access the internet. You might have to manually enter a progam in the Program Control. This is an issue that will hopefully be fixed once the Stable release of 2.3 is available (next week at some point) though I know the Comodo team are very busy. Lots of other users have asked that the Program Control shows all allowed or blocked items.
  6. I’m not sure about Bitorrent or eMule I’m afraid. I think there’s something about it on the Comodo Firewall FAQs. Your best bet for that one is to post a question in the Comodo Firewall Forum.
  7. Not sure about that either. Post the question in CPF forum.
  8. Once HIPS is implimented in CAVS (when 2.0 is released) you should be able to change your mind about a program but we’ll have to wait and see. You can always add this to the Wishlist Topic.

Whew… Think I’ll get RSI from replying to that one LOL

Hope I’ve helped!


Hi and welcome,

Just thought I would add the stable version will be released 18th September with a second beta two weeks before.


Wow didn’t know that, I need to catch up ;D

LOL. I’ve known for about the last week and a half. It was announced somewhere on the forums.


Lol I guess I have been slow for the past week and a half (or since it was announced) ;D

LOL ;D Slow isn’t always bad, ask the bunny, his friend the hare will tell you he got beat by a tortoise. ;D