CAVS disk usage [RESOLVED]


first I’d like to thank Comodo for this wonderful Product they distribute for free! (R)
Now to my Question.

I’ve used CAVS for 1 week and all was working fine. But today I’ve checked my free disk space on the Windows partition an saw that I’ve only 100MB of free space. I’ve checked the %appdata% folder and saw that the “Comodo\Comodo AntiVirus” folder uses 3.67GB space.

What is this space used for? Is it the safelist db? Why is it so big?
And my final and most important question:
Is it anyhow possible to move this folder or only the db or whatever takes so much space, to another partition???

I’ve used the search but found nothing according to my problem, if there is another thread pleas link for me.

thx, repete!

There’s definitely something screwy there. I’ve been using CAVS for ages and my instance of the CAVS folders total 69.1 MB (safelist DB folder is around 29 MB). Two other PCs show different amounts of disk usage, but not radically different (largest was 72.2 MB).

Hate to suggest it, but have you tried re-installing?

Ewen :slight_smile:

Maybe the space is only temporary used because there are two folders inside the “Comodo AntiVirus” folder “Email Scanner” and “Temp”. The whole space is used by the “Temp” folder which contains 4 files: “CAV7C7.tmp” “CAV8B.tmp” “CAV61.tmp” “CAV72.tmp”

But what are these files used for? Any ideas?

I have noticed that when I defragment using power defragmenter that there are regularly a lot of fragments in the Comodo folders.

Having said that the folders are, as Ewen says, about 72mb and don’t seem to vary much. Re-installing sounds like a good option but it may be worth your running something like CCleaner, then compressing old files (windows clean up) and then defragmenting just to see if there is any difference. When I did all this it reduced CAVs folder size by a few mb only but it might be worth a try?


I re-installed CAVS one week ago and everything seem to be fine. I don’t know exactly why there was so much space used but I assume it were only temporary files not been deleted.

Thank you for your replies,

Glad you got it sorted repete,

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