CAVS Detection

Was it mentioned here that CAVS fairs well with new viruses/trojans but not so good with the old ones. I can’t remember whether I read this comment here, on another forum or maybe I just dreampt it ???. Hopefully, someone can put my mind at rest or call me mad :-.



I am not sure how to really rate the detection, Comodo has detected every virus sample I have gotten my hands on thus I have not been able to send in many sample lately, however there are millions of viruses out there and many more coming out each day. On a scale from 1 to 10 on detection (10 being the best) I would most likely give Comodo a 7.5 because it has detected any infections on my machine that I have had, and detected my test samples that I have collected.

This is another good reason for 3rd party independant testing that I referenced in another post. I mean, how is the average Joe like me supposed to know if an AV program is good? It’s not like I have a library of viruses just sitting around waiting to put the program throug the ringer.

Of course, I realize that the program is in beta now. But when the application is fully developed, I’m hoping that it will be put through a VB 100 test or some other 3rd party testing. The screen shots look awesome! Can’t wait to see it in the final version.

Me too ;D