CAVS Detection Rate


I’m still waiting for the CAVS stable but… Is there any significant increase in the detection rate from CAVS 1.1 to CAVS 2 Beta? The last I read on latest test results as of September stated CAVS detection rate for CAVS 1.1 is at 46%.

When will a stable version be released so CAVS can get some of those Antivirus certificates?




The detection rate for CAVS 2 is 30% higher than version 1. There is no real date for a stable version, it depends on how many bugs there are and the time to fix them.


Well, CAVS 2 “stops” “ALL” of the malware that other AVs detect! (to my knowledge there is no malware that other AV’s “detect” that we don’t stop!). Thats the whole new innovation and the difference between “detection” and “prevention”.

3 layers of protection


CAVS 2 now has the prevention technology and none of those malware (to my knowledge) that others “detect” can be executed or cause harm without you being aware of it! its the new HIPS functionality we put into CAVS that enables that.


Ah ok cool. Maybe I should make the switch then… I’ll give it a go today… Thanks.


bear in mind its the first beta yet…
it has few bugs…

however, you can help us find more bugs if you wish :slight_smile:


Thanks for letting me know. I had a quick go at it. Only thing I found annoying was that it scanned my whole computer every time I booted it up. I think for now I’ll stick with my AVG Free unless you’ve got any other free anti-viruses I should be using instead?


Maybe you would like to try out AOL Active Virus Shield or Avast Home Edition. Both are free and have better detection rates than AVG free.

Also there is Antivir,available from:

I think that you need to put some work into getting across the message about the prevention technology in CAVS,since many people will see the detection rates and wrongly presume that it is an inferior product.

totally agreed.
its always the case with new technology… there is a learning curve.