cavs +cyber hawk.

hello, i just recently downloaded cav beta and am quite happy with the programme, i also have been running cyber hawk,and am wondering if there is any conflict with CH and cavs HIPS.thanks in advance, techdunce. :slight_smile:

I have run both applications together, and didn’t have any problems for quite some time. However, when CH changed their program and added rootkit capabilities in the Pro version, CH started saying everything (starting with CAVS) on my system was a keylogger.

I of course checked everything to make sure that wasn’t the case, then uninstalled it. Probably should’ve interacted with Novatix to resolve the issue, but didn’t feel like making that effort. Could be my loss, but there you go.


thanks again little mac, i dont run CH pro, just free version,no rootkit capabilities, and as you know, only recently downloaded cav beta, just wondering if there might be issues ahead. so once again big thanks from “the dunce”. :slight_smile:

I didn’t have the Pro version either; just the free. It had the “Pro” extras for 14 days I think, but I think I was outside that window when it started. I had had it a while before then; that was just the time identifier I use for when problems started.

I know at least one other user reported that here in the forums as well. You can do an Advanced Search, use CyberHawk or keylogger as the search term; choose to search in Subjects/Titles only. Should get you the results.

Then again, it may not cause you any problems. Two HIPS may be annoying, though. Depending on how smooth CH is these days.