CAVS conflict prevents RootsMagic backups

With the CAVS On-Access Scanner running, my RootsMagic genealogy program cannot create backups. With CAVS removed or the On-Access Scanner disabled, backups function perfectly.

When the program tries to create a backup (.ZIP file) an error message appears stating, “The backup won’t fit on the disk. Try the Multi-Disk backup option”. That is obviously a reference to backups to the A: drive, which is an error since the program is correctly set up to direct all backups to a folder on the hard drive (C: drive). In addition to the error message, a 0-byte file is created in the target folder with a name like 5Da03224, JGa01980, etc.

I could, of course, disable the CAVS On-Access Scanner every time I want to create a RootsMagic backup but the program contains over 17,000 entries and I use it constantly. So, I would naturally prefer a fix to eliminate the problem. Any suggestions?