CAVS Certification

Hello All ,

I read a review online of CAVS (sorry, can’t recall where :-[) and the reviewer liked CAVS but didn’t recommend it because he said it had not received certification from any of the antivirus third-party labs or organizations.

Questions: how important is this certification? Will CAVS ever get this certification? In it’s current state, would CAVS pass the tests needed for certification?

I would really like to use CAVS but this issue has been a concern of mine and I like to hear some feedback.



The reason CAVS does not have any of this certification is that because it is a beta product it has not been included in the full test regime against other vendors products. Once CAVS 3 is perfected and released as a full version I assume it will be included in tests by various testers.

The beta status is also why the product is not recognized by windows security center: Microsoft will not do this for a beta product.

Should be quite interesting to see how CAVS 3 fares when it is ready.

Note that just because CAVS 2 is not certified by independent antivirus testing organizations or recognized by windows security center does not mean that it is not a good or safe product. In fact I use it all the time, combined with BOClean and CFP, and find it works well. I have found and removed many infected files on various pc’s with CAVS.
Detection rates for CAVS are much maligned but in daily use I find it catches many things other anti viruses miss and others catch things that CAVS misses. No antivirus is perfect and whether the tests carried out by various people are an indication of how well a product will perform in the ‘real world’ is open to debate.The HIPS feature built into CAVS more than compensates for any perceived lacking in virus detection rates and in CAVS 3 this will be even more advanced.