Ok all,
I have read an re-read the comments about CAVS. Right now CAVS is in its “BETA” stage.
Meaning it is not perfect but it is an attempt to get to a position that means most if not all bugs will be removed.
BETA is BETA and nothing more its just a software program that is essentially in a test stage.
This is why it is called BETA.
When you see CAVS and no BETA attached to it then you will have a far more reliable program to use.
Lets face it, it is far beta to let it be used by thousands and get results that to use it in a lab with a few people. Thousands of people have many different systems and will so give many different results
It is the results that they focus on to get it out of the BETA stage. The more people that give problems then they can look at these problems and do some thing with them, thus getting a more stable and reliable performance that its BETA stage.

I use CAVS in its BETA state to see just how it reacts to my system. If would be nice if some people actually realised that a software program that is in a BETA stage is just that a test program.