CAVS beta program updates is released

Hi All,
We have released CAVS beta 2.0 Program updates version This updates fixes the following bugs

  1. Submission fails for big files and always retry submitting a file. This bug is fixed. Now CAV submit will only allow to submit upto 10 MB (compressed size) files.

  2. File submisiion bugs fixed related to network disconnection.

3.Cav submit is repeatedly alerting if internet connection is not present. This is fixed.

Thanks & regards

Where can I download it from?
Installer on site is still and my updater detects nothing…

Hi Vid,
It is possible that automatic updater have got the updates automaticlly. To confirm, you can check the ‘Program Updates Version’ in version information.
To see version information
Click on About->Version Information.

The setup with this updates will be uploaded on site in couple of days.


Hey the virus scan is causing my comodo firewall to drive me crazy. Despite clicking to allow it and clicking to remember answer I keep getting alerts (every 5 minutes) from my firewall saying that it has changed, and asking if it should be allowed or blocked. I hope this is something that can be fixed because I actually like the anti virus.