CAVS Beta On Access Scanner

I recently installed the Commodo Anti-Virus beta version successfully on a Windows 2000 OS. All features work except the On access scanner. Each time the main program starts I get an error messsage: CAV 003 - On access scanner failed to start. Please help!!!

The CAVS On Access Scanner will not start. All other features work fine.

Can you give a little more info, dmartin27?

Such as, has this occurred since install, what version, under what conditions this occurs (if not covered by the first), OS, etc etc…



I have merged the two posts into one thread to remove redundancies.

dmartin27, you might want to look at these topics to see if they help:,5257.0.html,5346.0.html,5399.0.html

Also, what version of CAVS do you have, and where did you download it?