CAVS beta 2.0 is released on site for all users

Hi All,
This is to inform that we have released CAVS beta on comodo site (

The new features in CAV beta 2.0 can be found at

If you have CAV1.1 installed, please un-install it through “Add/Remove programs” before installing CAV 2.0. If you face any issues in un-installation of CAV 1.1, please get manual uninstaller tool for CAV1.1 on forum at,6152.msg45350.html#msg45350.

This version was tested by lot of beta testing experts on comodo forum. We had fixed lot of bugs during beta testing. After the successful test for more than 3 months, we have released it today on site for all users. I thank all beta testing experts from bottom of my heart.
We are sure that the new major feature ‘HIPS application control’ will help users to protect them from all kind of malwares and mainly from new or unknown malwares.

New or unknown malwares are the biggest threat to users which is not covered by most of the other Antivirus products. CAV beta 2.0 will help to protect users from all new malwares. We hope you all will like this feature and will help comodo to bring largest safelist database.

The following bugs reported in CAV 1.1 are fixed in CAV 2.0.
• Scan engine taking too much time for some files – Fixed
• Scan Engine sticks in some scenarios - Fixed
• On Access can not be enabled on some systems - fixed
• On access scanner is not detecting the virus file a second time in some scenarios - fixed
• CAV have issues in coexisting with other AV programs - No issues with KAV, NOD32 and AOL.
• New install caused Win XP to appear frozen - Fixed
• CAV email scanner frequently gives Comodo Email Proxy Server has encountered a problem and needs to close…- Fixed
• Updater and submit options are not working in proxy machines – Updater is failing when authentication is required and submit crashes in proxy machines
• Comodo Antivirus License Activation Module is crashing in particular scenario - Currently activation is not required
• Updater modification for updating AllowDB and Some spelling mistakes in Updater - Fixed
• Right click scan does not scan the memory first - Fixed
• Buffer overrun detected in quarantine window - Fixed
• Unhandled exception error from cavsn.exe- Fixed
• Buffer overrun detected error in email scanner sometimes- Fixed
• Email Scanner is not working with Microsoft Outlook in particular case- Fixed
• Email Scanner is not allowing the mail to send if the mail size is more the 2MB- Fixed
• Email scanner is not detecting the virus in Incredimail mail- Fixed
• Installation and uninstallation problem - Fixed
• CAVS slows my system - Fixed
• Email scanner freezes the system while processing the mails. When CPF is installed - Fixed
• Spelling mistakes: a.‘Satuarday.’ b. trial version WILL EXPIRES c. Colour d. viruse in launch pad - Fixed
• Problem with “Incoming email scan” and MS Outlook 2003- Fixed
• Incoming e-mail - Connection to Server timed out- Fixed
• Exclude from scan not working - Fixed
• Comodo Antivirus registration issues - Proxy, Anonymiser, etc Activation problems with ISA Server - Currently activation is not required
• Multiple email accounts on thunderbird - Fixed
• From Status Page Enabling and disabling AutoUpdater and Email Scanner is not working- Fixed
• Scheduler with regular interval is not working properly- Fixed
• IE script error in scan scheduler- Fixed
• All bugs fixing for console scanner- Fixed
• Freezes the PC while scanning - c:..\tempoary internet files\content.ie5\cwoh0ri5 - Fixed
• schedule scan does not work,2271.0.html – Fixed
• Hal.dll or other system file deletion problem - Fixed


many thanks for the great program, which I have been testing for a while now!

I’m sure many more people will start to appreciate the benefits of this program with the release of the version!

Thanks! (:CLP)

Hi hbobeck,
Thanks :slight_smile:
Again thank you and all beta testing executives for their great effort.


Hey all,

Please note that the CAVS2 available from the website is still a beta version.

The code has not been released as a “gold” version yet.

Same precautions apply - do not install this in a production environment unless you are cognizant of the risks and are prepared to accept the risks and/or consequences.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Just a quick note…

Are you going to change the CAVS Image on It’s still showing the very old standard image instead of the new one like CPF.

Will this version work with XP Professional X64 SP2?

Will this version work with Vista 32bits and 64bit ??
ps i am kaspersky antivirus

Hi mgcl2ticl4,
The on-access and HIPS component of CAV may not work on XP 64-bit.


Hi sbpir92i,
This version does not support Windows Vista. It supports only Win 2k and xp.


ok thanks moderator Kishor

After removing version 1.1 using 1.1 Uninstall tool, I was able to install 2.0 and up to this moment it is working quite fine. The only glitch was that the antivirus is not shown in LaunchPad anymore as installed ( only firewall appears); any solution?

Hi pcmesa,
CAVS beta2.0 is isolated from LaunchPad. Now you will find separate icon on system tray for CASS beta 2.0.


I removed previous anti-virus software (norton and cyberdefender) and tried to install CAVS beta and at the end of the installation, I get error message “error 32 - theprocess cannot access the file because it is being used by another process - rolling back installation”
Comodo files are on my computer - the program does not opperate - tried to remove comodo in add /remove but comodo is not listed.
How can I remove comodo and do you have any suggstions about reinstall comodo?


You might try the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility (MSICUU) Microsoft Support

Barring that, you can in general follow my process for uninstalling CAVS 1.1x.,4755.0.html, as far as Services, to disable, and whatnot.

After you have confirmed that CAVS is completely removed, be sure to follow similar cleaning procedures to remove all traces of your previous AV product(s) prior to trying a reinstall of CAVS.

We’ll be happy to walk thru the process with you; just create a new post in the CAVS Beta Forum regarding Uninstall of CAVS 2.x, and someone will be glad to help you. If you PM me a link to the new topic, I’ll be there in a jiffy…


Hi marvinwit,
You can run CAVS beta setup once again. It will install. Did you install CAV 1.1 previously?


i think comodo is great so far, this is the version i have, but the regular interval is not working… i have it set to run every 3 days and it runs everyday

When will those components support x64? Im waiting for CAVS x64 support and CFP x64 support, would be awesome to test them both at same time…

This version work with XP Professional SP3.

Comodo is doing them one at a time, AFAIK. Making sure CFP works well, then doing the 64Bit & Vista thing for CAVS. It’s some pretty significant changes to the program, so they want to make sure they have it right (before jumping in to all the programs).


Ok, thats good :slight_smile: