CAVS Beta launched

Hi all,
This is to inform that CAVS Beta is released for beta testers (only). You can download it from link:

Please uninstall previous version before installing it. This version can not be updated from the previous versions because some modification is done in setup.
Thanks for your co-operation in building this product bugs free and stable. Please keep it up.

Note: The system hang issues for encrypted files are not included in this setup. This bug is being fixed and will come in next release.
Also, Please take a note that, the system may hang on bootup if safelist databases folders are deleted or renamed while CAVS is running. The databases folders must not be changed by users. It should be created/deleted only by CAVS installer /uninstaller or updater.

Bugs Fixed:

  1. Multiple instances of CAVSubmit -,3931.msg30017.html#msg30017,4071.msg31242.html#msg31242

  2. Incorrect system info -,4071.msg31678.html#msg31678

  3. In CAVSubmit cannot move the horizontal bar -,4363.msg32550.html#msg32550

  4. Unknown Error in Quarantine -,4071.msg31444.html#msg31444

  5. Spelling and grammar issues in settings HTML -,4363.msg34178.html#msg34178

  6. Suggestion in Spellings -,4071.msg31071.html#msg31071

  7. In user mode,files are added to CAVSubmit.

  8. Shortcut keys are not working in advanced HIPS settings window

  9. Allow/block window closes when escape/enter is pressed

  10. Timer is running in background even when UPSDB maker is Paused

  11. Cannot able to select text in Allow Block list search textbox

  12. Files are searched and selected without giving any search words in find filename field

  13. In Allow/block list find filename functionality is not working properly

  14. In HIPS window Warning window should be displayed for all buttons when file does not exist

  15. Text box for file search in HIPS window is cannot accessed properly

  16. Product information is not changed in about screen

  17. 132 files are updated in cavbase

  18. HIPS pop-up Buttons not displayed in this scenario

This is the first version that allows me to check for new email while the email scanner is enabled.
Good job!

thanks for the feedback user4.
how about eveyrone else who reported these issues.
have they all been resolved for them?
we would love to know. its one thing that we get it to work in our testing/development environment its another thing to get it done in the “wild”…

so your feedback is very much needed for every bug you had a problem with and now fixed…


Hi everybody
with CAVS1.1beta I lost HAL.DLL and lots of other DLLs. >:(Is that mess fixed now??? (:AGY)
Greetings, Doctor T.

we could never replicate that issue.
however, what we have found out is that there is a malware that does this very thing of deleting or renaming all system dlls.


Hello everyone,

When will this BETA become available as the next official release ?

I am running the 1.x version of the product right now and it seems very slooooow as far as scans go.

Thanks :BNC

Hi Kong,

hopefully not much longer now, though the latest beta is very stable on the two systems I am testing it on. Scanning is much faster than with 1.1. Try the following post:,5104.0.html


On startup cavasm.exe still consumes high CPU (60-90%) for 4-6 minutes.

When the Add/Remove Programs applet (mshta.exe) is opened cavasm.exe goes headless, with the CPU running at 70-90%. The system then quickly becomes non-responsive. A system reset is required in order to regain control. It is only possible to use the Add/Remove Programs applet if CAVS on-access scanner is disabled.

Email scanning is still not usable on my system, cavemsrv.exe merely grabs all of the CPU when scanning and since nothing else is really possible with CAVS email scanning active, I was forced to disabled it.

The following quote is from another post (,5159.0.html), but also applies to beta 2:

I have narrowed the problem down to the Comodo AntiVirus program. I can use LogMeIn with any other AV program with no problems.

CAV worked fine until after an update last week, then it started identifying LogMeIn as a virus. As mentioned previously, excluding the LogMeIn files did not work. So I download CAV 2 beta and the same problem exists, with one exception. I can now exclude the following "c:\program files\logmein" and “c:\windows\system32\lmiinit.dll” and all appears to work, for now.

I need to keep LogMeIn, and I really would like to keep using CAV. CAV seems to use less system resources than other AV products and after changing the security center setting, it’s easy for basic computer users to use. So I really hope that this can be fixed with an update to CAV. Having a basic (very basic) user change the windows security setting is hard enough sometimes, but to have them start excluding files from on the access scanner will lead them to question the quality and legitimacy of CAV.

CAV Beta 2 isn’t integrated into LaunchPad. Will it with the final release? And what’s the status of CAV being recognized by windows security center? Thanks for a great product.


Comodo are phasing out Launchpad across all their products, due to user feedback. CAVS and CPF no longer have launchpad included in their download file, but Launchpad may become an optional download at a later date.

CAVS is currently under going testing at Microsoft to get a certification for security center to recognise it. However, this may happen around when CAVS become a stable release.


Thanks for the reply Mike.

Phasing out Launchpad is probably a good idea for now. I liked it because I have other Comodo products installed and it was a nice single interface to them all. But for users with just CAV installed, I did see some confusion. Getting Microsoft certified will be a good thing too.

Any idea on the LogMeIn problem? Everything was good until CAV updated last Thurs/Fri (4/5 Jan).

You’re welcome. :wink: It was really many thought it was a waste of resources especially with only one product installed. But, yes it is useful for more than one product which is why it may be back as an optional download.

About your LogMeIn problem I’ll read the post and reply there if I feel I may be of any help.



CAVS beta has just been released. We thank everyone who helped out with beta testing this version and appreciate their feeback.

This topic will be closed due to a newer beta being released.