CAVS Beta launched

Hi all,
This is to inform that CAVS Beta is released for beta testers (only). You can download it from link:

You need to uninstall previous version before installing it. Now and onward you will get updates in Beta releases too.
Thanks for you co-operation in building this product bugs free and stable. Pl keep it up.

Functionality added
1. Included Updater (Automatic and on-demand) for virus updates and program files updates
2. Duplication removed in submitlist

Bugs Fixed

  1. Safe DB scans the system though CAVS is uninstalled
  2. Suggestion: warning message should be displayed for update now option
  3. Using shortcut keys are not working in HIPS settings
  4. Different options are selected while installing and page default
  5. Strangeness in Parent name
  6. Even after disabling HIPS, alerts are displayed
  7. Uninstaller runs in user mode.
  8. Virtual memory is High while submitting
  9. No help files are available for the HIPS application control
  10. CAV Icon not displayed in add/remove programs
  11. After uninstalled cav is not removed from add/remove programs
  12. Allowed pop-up appears even it is not enabled
  13. On-access failed to start on reboot on windows 2000
    14. CAVSubmit can’t submit if path is UNC format -,3931.msg29940.html#msg29940

Comodo Firewall Version BETA
Comodo AVS Beta

on the same date!!!

wow, great!

Kishork, does this fix also extend to the UNC pathing being fixed in the rules created?

Or was that bug explained as…

If the UNC pathing is fixed in the rules, I will return to beta testing CAV. I stopped at it was such a pain rebooting each day and getting the same alerts for the same “intranet loaded” applications on the domain.


I decided to try for myself… in short it is still a bug… I’ll repost my issue in the latest bug thread.

Thanks ;D. I didn’t even know that CF was back in beta again :-[. Btw, CAVS seems to be running really smooth on my system. No hang ups yet 8).


running great right now and the auto updater is nice,this product is up and coming fast really fast (my opinion)and its still in beta,keep up the great job guys thank you

Thanks All.
As long as we have very good beta testers we happy to release beta with bugs fixes. :slight_smile:


Still no sign of a stable release? I wish Beta CAVS could update it’s signatures as normal, I’m still in Free AV hell. I use AVG a lot because it’s low on my resources. AOL AVS pretty much slows my machine to a halt and avast is quite slow. Grrr… Still waiting for Stable…

Hi m0ng0d ,
The UNC path problem is fixed in submit file. But still it is not fixed for HIPS rules. This HIPS rules related binaries has some issue and hence it is not included in this setup. Hope it will come through updates or in next setup.


The beta testing and bugs fixing are going on. So, we are on the way for stable release.
CAV Beta will provide signature updates as I have mentioed in Beta release.
You may try the beta to see, is it stable for you.


Thanks kishork… very good news :BNC

Please post somewhere (update log) if it comes down the pipe in an autoupdate. I have CAVS loaded so I can autoupdate, but functionality is reduced as I seem to get stuck in a loop on the same LAN startup file with HIPS on reboot. It would like to turn on all the functionality as soon as the fix comes down the pipe. ;D

Thanks again.

Thanks,I will try it . (:CLP)