CAVS Beta launched

Hi all,
This is to inform that CAVS Beta is released for beta testers (ONLY). You can download it from link:

This version Beta can be updated from last released version Beta2.0.9.30. Thanks for your co-operation in building this product bugs free and stable. Please keep it up.

Features added:

  1. HIPS alert remembers the last action taken by the user on both check boxes. So, if you don’t want to submit all files, just deselect the checkbox once.
  2. User can upgrade from CAVS_Beta to CAVS_v So, if you already have CAVS beta installed then updater will download the latest updates and will bring equivalent to beta But after updates you must restart the system.

The following hang issues are found to be fixed


The following bugs in bugzilla have been fixed
6. Machine hangs when pressing alt + F4 on HIPS alert
7. System hangs on which vmware is installed
8. Machine hangs on reboot when HIPS alerts for McAfee site advisor components
9. Submit files option in scan window cannot be accessed when ‘Do not automatically’ disinfect
10. Unnecessary warning window displayed in repair wizard
11. User marked safe files are displayed without description
12. On access installation fails for the first install if the installation was not carried on default location
13. UPSDB maker terminates abnormally when more files are added
14. Sometimes UPSDB maker hangs when paused
15. CAVS opens 58 IE windows if contact support button is clicked from about page.
16. Support informations are generated in e-mail if thunderbird is default mail client.
17. Problems with on access
18. Sometimes VC++ debug library Error from On-access service
19. On Access and HIPS are working even it is turned off.
20. On-access fails to detect the virus which were executed previously in disabled mode
21. on access is not working if remembered by HIPS
22. Pressing F1 gives error message in updater.
23. sometimes on access fails to detect the virus when it is remembered by HIPS
24. on access scanner is catching the virus while repairing
25. HIPS is working Even after disabling
26. Exclusion fails when a slash is given at the end of the list
27. Virus file not detected by on access when it is executed by its shortcut.
28. On access failed to alert for Eicar file where as alerted for the copy of same file
29. On-access intervene on-demand scanner
30. Machine automatically reboots once again after installing
31. HIPS popup is not visible
32. Safe List Scanner closes abruptly
33. ODS_Virus files which are made safe are not detected by on demand scanner