CAVS Beta Released

You can download it from here .
p.s. it seems that the servers of comodo in europe
are extremly slow :cry:

Not just Europe…

My download is currently going at a whopping 60KB/sec; normally for this location it’s twice that.


6-16 kb/s here :cry:

what was fixed/added/improved in this release?

it seems that it uses more memory than before, the 2 cavse added another 5mb each than the previous; & it can’t remember some setting like media player classic (mplayerc.exe) & even cavs tray (cavapp.exe) & i have to click once or twice to have it open. i’ve just installed it and hoping there will be more, i hope not!

for now these are the problems i have encountered so far

Is it meant that we continue here in this post with the bug reporting or make a new “topic” with BUG REPORT FOR v.
(just asking before I start listing too…)

Hi Guys,
We have not officially released version.
We found some last minute issues and postponed release to thursday, 22 Mar 2007.
Presence of a new setup at that location doesn’t mean we have released it :slight_smile:

So please wait for an official annoucement which will also enlist the fixes/changes done.


i downloaded this beta and after a few hrs. looking on status it said last update was march 18th so i ran a manual update and it updated i believe it was 65 fiiles not database files,it then said to reboot and i clicked ok and a virus box popped up saying something was found i got the blue screen saying an error had occured so i restarted manually booted to windows fine but lookin in the quarentine theres 1 file lmiinit(c:\windows\system 32) i submitted the file and am leaving in quarentine for now?

Hi All,
The setup is not yet released officially on forum. This setup was just kept on the server for internal test purpose. Now, this setup is not available for download.
Please wait till we release the setup officially.

Thanks All


Tnx, Kishor…

Just FYI, uninstalling, the LSP failed to uninstall on two different machines. On one of those, I reinstalled and uninstalled again, and the LSP failed to uninstall both times. On that machine, trying to install the nonexistent :wink: the email scanner failed to install.


Hi LM,
It seems that your LSP chain is disturbed by some LSP provide. Pls run LSPfix utility, if it finds any corruption it will suggested to remove that LSP from chain.
Note: Before changing/removing, just take a backup of registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\WinSock2 by selecting “Export registry File” option in menubar.


The only other Winsock entries are for mswsock.dll & rsvpsp.dll; no LSPs besides CAVS. After the LSP failed to uninstall, the uninstaller still said the CAVS uninstall was successful. Reboot, and the LSP was still showing in Autoruns. I used LSPFix by CEXX to remove it. That, however, does not check for any corruption… Is there a different utility I should use to check for corruption? Edit: LSPFix does say it scanned for problems (no scan was visible), and that there were no errors found, then lists the available items.

BTW, this also happened when transitioning from to, but only on one machine. I think it was the home machine, but I don’t remember for sure at this point. Too little sleep. Not enough coffee.