CAVS Beta launched

Hi all,
This is to inform that CAVS Beta is released for beta testers (only). You can download it from link:
You need to uninstall previous version before installing it.

Pl send troubleshoot log to us in case of any bugs/error/hang/crash in order to improve consistently. Also you can attach the trobleshoot log with your bugs post on forum.

The bugs which are fixed in this version:

  1. UPSDB Maker runs on every startup -,3694.msg27631.html#msg27631

  2. System/applications slow responsive -,3694.msg27631.html#msg27631

  3. Spelling mistakes -,3694.msg27631.html#msg27631

  4. Suggesion in submitlist –,3701.msg27693.html#msg27693

  5. Cav Submit Issue -,3690.15.html

  6. system freezes when HIPS catch splitter.sys -,3690.15.html

  7. Console scanner is missing -,3701.0.html

  8. No description is displayed in task bar for CAVSubmit icon.

  9. Fatal error message is displayed in CAVS scan window

  10. Disk full message is displayed from CAVSubmit

  11. closing submit window shows multiple messages
    Note: The hang of CAV Beta setup on few systems are reported by some users, which is not fixed in this version. So if someone face any hang problem, pl rename %System32%\drivers\cavasm.sys file and reboot. In this case on –access and HIPS will not work.


good day!

i hope this fixed previous problems
response better, no hang-ups and slow-downs yet
but seems uses a little bit memory than the previous beta

great job!


Good day Isaac,
Nice to here that it resoves your previous problems. I would like to inform that the memory uses will slightly increase as the user profiled db grows. However we will re-check it.



I’ve installed today (11th November) but the virus definitions are from 15th September! I thought there was weekly updates and that these would therefore include the latest virus defintions, not ones which are 2 months out of date?!!? ???

Please could someone advise me.


any response to the previous post about signature updates being from sept?are we still getting the latest updates,by the way good job on 2.2 beta working ok so far i like the hips feature,good job comodo

Its bug. The date displayed is wrong. The date of updated database attached with setup is missed. This bug is already identified by developers and fixed for next release. Thanks


Thanks, but I have had to uninstall - it ground my PC to a halt (Explorer was completely locked up every time I booted into XP), and it’s an Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core with 2 Gb of RAM! I had to use Norton GoBack to restore my PC to before I installed - not ideal!

The reason I installed version 2 was because I couldn’t get the on-access scanner to work with version 1.1 (rather important I thought!) - apparently this doesn’t work with 64-bit CPUs, which I think is rather poor nowadays >:(

As I couldn’t use on-access scanning with 1.1 AND e-mail scanning didn’t work either, I’ve had to stop using it and I’ve installed avast! instead. This installed and set itself up perfectly - on-access scanning works, as does e-mail scanning - AND my PC is actually useable with it installed! :slight_smile:

I’m not saying that CAV is rubbish (version 1.1 seems to work fine on my laptop but I’ll be replacing it with avast! as well to be consistent), but I CANNOT use either 1.1 or beta on my PC for the above reasons.

P.S. When I had installed, the first time I ran Winamp, HIPS did not pop up and then Windows XP gave me a blue screen of death - it was at that point that I REALLY knew I needed to ditch version 2! (:AGY)