CAVS Beta launched

Hi all,
This is to inform that CAVS Beta is released for beta testers (only). You can download it from link:

During testing if you find any bug or suggestions pl report to us and we will consistently fix and improve it. You can send troubleshoot log to us in case of any crash or hang or error.
Here is the brief of new changes done in this beta.

Comodo AntiVirus Beta - What’s new
A. New features added:

1. Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) Application Control:

The new Host Intrusion Prevention Systems enables a user to prevent to stop most spyware and malware from ever being installed on their PC. With HIPS activated, the user is warned EVERY time an unknown application executable (.exe) attempts to run. If the application is not found in Comodo’s safe list database, the user is immediately alerted and prompted to allow or block this file from running. The user can also submit the application in question to Comodo for analysis and, in the case of a false positive, addition to the safe list. Comodo AntiVirus is continually updated with the latest list of safe files directly from Comodo servers.

HIPS configuration is carried out in the ‘Settings’ section of Comodo AntiVirus. Click here view the HIPS configuration.

2. Comodo Desktop installer/un-installer:

Installation and removal of Comodo AntiVirus is now cleaner and easier than ever with our newly developed installer.

3. Automatic file submission:

Files which are not found in the internal safe-list can be queued for automatic submission to Comodo Digital Trust Lab for analysis. To disable this functionality, the user should deselect the “Send file to Comodo” checkbox at the alert dialog box. User’s can switch this feature off altogether by un-checking a similar box in the HIPS General Settings section.

4. Incremental scanning:

Users now have the option to run faster virus scans by choosing ‘Incremental Scan of Safe Files’. An incremental scan will skip over the files that are listed as ‘safe’ in Comodo’s internal safe list. This new feature not only reduces total scan time but can greatly enhance system performance on older computers.

5. User’s profiled safe list database creation:
This utility is run on next boot after installation and searches for safe files into user’s system. If the file is found safe, it is added into user profiled safe list database. On-access loads only UPSDB into memory. If not found then it searches into dormant database (safe list db supplied from comodo).

8. Troubleshoot log creation:

The troubleshoot log creation is suggested for user who is facing any problem with the product. The user can find the troubleshoot log at %All users%\Application data\ Comodo AntiVirus\Troubleshoot Log an can send us by copying this complete folder and compressing it. Later we will provide an option to send this log to comodo.

9. Now on-access scans files and catches viruses upon file creation:

The on-access is modified for scanning the files on creation such that if a file is being created/copied from network it will be scanned first.

B. Improvements with existing features:

Reduction in memory uses.
Around 30% increase in viruses/malware detection.
Increase in scanning speed.
Increase in overall performance of system.
C. Functionality disabled:

Updater functionality is disabled. The updates for the beta will be given through only product setup. This is because the user is having existing version and that should not be disturbed till this product is in testing at Beta corner.

D. Bugs Fixed:

Scan engine taking too much time for some files
Scan Engine sticks in some scenarios
On Access can not be enabled on some systems
On access scanner is not detecting the virus file a second time in some scenarios
New install caused Win XP to appear frozen
Right click scan does not scan the memory first
Buffer overrun detected in quarantine window
Email Scanner is not allowing the mail to send if the mail size is more the 2MB
Installation and uninstallation problem.
From Status Page Enabling and disabling Auto Updater and Email Scanner is not working
Freezes the PC while scanning - c:..\tempoary internet files\content.ie5\cwoh0ri5

Is this version compatable with Vista?

Sorry, would you mind explaining this a little more :). Are you saying that it is only possible to update during the installation? So the later you install (date wise), the more chance you have of downloading newer definitions.


I have installed CAVS2 and it seems quite impressive. Please could somebody tell me why it won’t update - a message pops up saying it is a beta version and will not update. Beta 1.1 updated quite happily!

Updater functionality is disabled. The updates for the beta will be given through only product setup. This is because the user is having existing version and that should not be disturbed till this product is in testing at Beta corner.

Please reread 9C. Functionality disabled

EDIT: Doh AOwL… u beat me (:AGY) Haha… good job (:NRD)

Froze my computer on startup as it was using 100% of my CPU. Now on the third startup it seems to be fine though.

Very good to see things is coming along…

Just update us when the stable version is released! plz. :wink:

As a CPF (Comodo Personal Firewall) beta tester, I am not unfamiliar with having to unistall and reinstall the beta versions of Comodo products. The autoupdate features are reserved for live versions. But having said that, it is possible that the the beta version exceeds the live version.

I do recall hearing that the Vista version will be worked on / released closer to Vista launch… so I think the short answer is No.

But if i remember my current news correctly… Microsoft is playing games with letting 3rd party security companies near their kernel… so is it even possible? who knows for sure…

You know, if it wasn’t for a need to play games… I’d be on Linux before Vista anyway.

I have re-read 9C and everything is now perfectly unclear.

I just installed it. The HIPS finished its initial scan and my computer froze. Rebooted and it started the HIPS scan again so I cancelled it. System seems to be working but CAVS crashed when I tried accessing the help. Now I don’t see how to redo the HIPS scan so I’m being bugged by questions to allow obscure services.

How can I redo the HIPS scan without installing again.

Sadly i’ve had to un-install CAVS as it was causing my PC to slow down.

Me too! :-[

Same problem here, second boot up caused havoc. Had to cancel the HIPS scan and my PC then crashed. My PC is now not performing very well (very slow) and after many weeks of running CAV 1.1 with no problems I think I may uninstall Beta 2 and go back to 1.1 until things are a bit more stable.

Seems there is the same problem with the email scanner and Outlook like in the 1.1!

When startig downloading emails with MS Outlook 2003 the process CavEmSrv.exe goes to 100% and system becomes slow. The more emails are to download the longer the system hangs.

I really hoped this bug is solved in the CAV 2.0!
Is there any solution for this problem?

Hi Guys
Great to see CAV 2 finally here but I only have one question at the moment - I understand that the program updater is disabled but does this also include definition updates.
shadha :BNC


Just a quick question, how can we use CAVS Beta 2 for protection if updating is disabled?

I think Kishor means updating from old version to this, or from this version to next.
because its beta, you don’t anyone to update to this version.