CAVS as on-demand scanner ?

Can I run CAVS in conjunction with my normal anti-virus program?

“Yes” with an “if”, “no” with a “but”

You can have two anti virus application installed but only one of them should be enabled to do real-time scanning.

To install CAVS as an on-demand scanner only, you should follow these steps;

  1. Download the CAVS installation file.
  2. Temporarily disable your existing anti-virus program and disconnect from the internet.
  3. Run the CAVS setup and reboot when it is completed.
  4. Once your PC has rebooted, open CAVS by double clicking the CAVS icon in your system tray (near the clock).
  5. In the main CAVS window, click on the “Turn Off” button adjacent to “On Access Scanner”
  6. In the main CAVS window, click on the “Turn Off” button adjacent to “HIPS Application Control”
  7. Re-enable your other anti virus program.
  8. You can now reconnect to the internet.

Once these steps are completed, you will have your previous anti virus program running as normal, and CAVS is installed as an on-demand scanner only.

If I then want to make a scan with CAVS, do I then need to turn off the other anti-virus (Avast) that I am using?

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Hello Steinsk.

It is recommended to only have one firewall and Antivirus in use on your computer.

Yes, I know, and that was why I was a little bit surprised to find the comment that I quoted in the FAQ-part of the CAVS-forum. (Written by Ewen)

I run Avast, but ran into a problem with a Trojan it couldn’t remove. Just as a test, I uninstalled Avast and installed CAVS, and it took care of it at once ( (S) ). I’m waiting unpatiently for the next update, but even though it saved me this time, I’m not ready to make the switch yet - Avast has served me perfectly for several years. So - I uninstalled CAVS and installed Avast again.

BUT - if (according to the quote) it is possible to have one on-demand scanner and on that runs on-access, I would reinstall CAVS immediately… :slight_smile:


It’s the resident protection, what you can’t have two of them. But you can have as many AV installed as you want, as long as no more than one of them has resident protection running. Not sure about the details about CAVS and Avast though, so I can’t tell you how to opt the resident protection out, maybe someone else will or you’ll figure out yourself.

Thanks, guys, for your answers :slight_smile:

But just to be sure: If I have one on-demand and one resident, do I have to turn off the resident before I make an on-demand scan with scanner no2?

Thanks for your patience (:WAV)

I’m pretty sure you don’t have to, but maybe someone more knowledgeable will tell you better. Or you could just go ahead and if you don’t experience any conflicts then all’s OK.

I use two AV myself. One is active (on-access), the other is not (on-demand only). I do not disable either AV to perform scans.

If you find that you’re bogging down having both on while doing the on-demand scan, then turn the other off. However, I wouldn’t anticipate there to be any problems.

Hope that helps,