CAVS / Apache / PHP conflict

I set up Apache Web Server 2.0.55 and PHP 5.1.6 on my Windows XP 32-bit OS / 64-bit CPU. All was fine.

I installed Comodo Firewall and Comodo Anti-Virus.

Now, when navigating to http://localhost/ in IE6, it went nowhere. I could ping localhost and Telnet worked too.

I reluctantly uninstalled Comodo Firewall. No change.

Not suspecting Comodo Anti-Virus, I did a system restore and re-installed and set up Apache and PHP again. All was well again.

I installed Comodo Firewall again. All was still fine.

I re-installed Comodo Anti-Virus. Same problem!

I uninstalled Comodo Anti-Virus. All is well.

Yes (:SAD) I have the same problem.
I have seen many other posts here about the same argument.

Anyway, it seems that the conflict is with Apache, not PHP or MySQL.

These are very bad news.
I hope Comodo will shortly patch its software, because we’re talking about Apache, a widely used, high performance web server… not a useless piece of software.

MDavid (Italy)

Anyway… (S)

Put Win32DisableAcceptEx directive in http.conf.