CAVS and the safelist.

Virus checker was working great. Then I did a scan of my system. After the scan it asked me if I wanted to update the safelist and I replied yes. That’s when the problem started. At first it crashed. Then after I restarted, it started phoning home and telling me that I was not connected (when I was connected to the internet). Now an icon keeps popping up all the time in the quickstart tray (square yellow) and the system slows down to just about stop. It obviously is trying to connect to the Internet.
I can not find out what controls this. Whatever it is, it seems to have a bug. How do I get rid of it?

When you replied yes you told the program to submit all of the files it had found not on its safelist to Comodo.

If your firewall is not set to allow internet access to a file called CAVSubmit.exe then the submit may fail with a message you have no connection. It may be worth checking your firewall settings.

Also, the little yellow folder that is in the tray is the submit folder. If you open it you should see a list of all the files found for submission. If you select all (tick box) and then click on remove the list should empty and you can close the box.

Comodo already have a huge database of files that is not yet connected to CAVS and for now it may be best if you do not submit the ones CAVS finds. The next version should be out soon I hope.

If you look at the attached screenshot - uncheck the box I have circled and you should not get the submission folder appearing in your tray again.


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OK. I have turned off the submissions. CAVSubmit.exe is on the firewall list so I don’t know what was happening there. So if the submissions file at Comodo does not get my safe list, doesn’t that mean it won’t appear in MY safelist?

The huge safelist that Comodo have built up is not being used by CAVS at present. You can tick a box in HIPS advanced settings to look files up at Comodo safelist server but I think even this does not use the full safelist and I find it rather annoying when it looks files up and does not find them.

Basically all of the files submitted do not currently end up on your safelist, I think that because of the huge improvements ongoing with CFP3 and the new CAVS (still no date for this yet) the main safelist is apparently being ‘saved’ for these.

Obviously Comodo still want people to submit files to them to further improve the new safelist but it seems we will not benefit from this until the next versions of firewall and antivirus are ready - the firewall is already being beta tested.

Many might find this annoying but I can understand why Comodo are doing this - the new developments are going to be astonishing I think and all of the development teams efforts are going into the new projects and updating virus database.


Thanks N.T.T.W. for the info. I was having the same issue, and it was very annoying. I have turned the file submissions off and the problem seems to have subsided.

Thanks for the help!

Hope this in the right place to post this…
I have been using CAVS for months but now but have not yet managed to send any files. There is a list of over 3000 files but whenever CAVS tries to submit them it says I do not have an internet connection, which I clearly do. Can’t find a way to resolve this? Help anyone?