CAVS and Spyware Terminator

Can CAVS and Spyware Terminator run at the same time?

Thank you!

I’m running them both. I have active protection & HIPS enabled in both. I have not excluded either application within the other. I’ve got the alert settings in both at mid-range.

If I’m installing something, I turn off ST, disable HIPS in CAVS, and then turn CAVS off. Otherwise the security can interfere with the install, and HIPS in CAVS doesn’t turn off when you turn CAVS off, so you have to disable it first…

Hope that helps,


It doesn’t help if the thing you install is malware :P. It’d be best to scan for it first then install with both off.

So sorry… I should have specified the action step there. My presumption is that you scan before installing, and/or that you don’t attempt install of anything but reputable applications. That’s part of safe computing habits. Computers have vulnerabilities, and I hold the position that the primary one is behind the keyboard (so to speak)… (:WIN)


I know. It’s common sense. I was just trying to tick you off, LM ;D