CAVS and Logmein


I am currently experiencing a problem with CAVS and logmein’s lmiinit.dll, and ramaint.exe, i added them to the trusted files list but every time i run logmein CAVS quarantines lmiinit.dll, and ramaint.exe. Does anyone else here use logmein and found a solution to this problem?

Yes, and yes. It does tag those files. If you go to Settings/On-Access/Advanced/Select Items for Exclude from On-Access Scanner. Browse to and add those files (one at a time), thus giving you three entries to be excluded (there’s a version of lminit.dll in Windows/system32 as well).

You will have to make sure you have the most current release of CAVS 2.x, which is Program Updates Version; this fixes a prior issue with the Excluder…


ok, thank you very much will try your solution when i get home.