CAVS a replacement for AOL Active Virus Shield?

As some may know, AOL was distributing an excellent free anti-virus that used Kaspersky technology called Active Virus Shield. This program was free to anyone, even non AOL users and businesses.

AOL recently discontinued AVS and has replaced it with a McAfee based product that is only available to users with an AOL screen name. The AVS has continued to work, but AOL has just begun sending out emails giving notice that it has been discontinued, which presumably means that updates will stop working some time soon.

This leaves CAVS as probably the only anti-virus that is free to all users, not just non-commercial users. There is perhaps a promotional opportunity to be had…

The current CAVS version is still a beta product and although it is stable on the majority of computers there are still many issues that would need to be resolved before it could be sensibly marketed at major release.

Hopefully the new CAVS 3 will be released very soon, I believe the first beta is due soon and knowing the team Comodo have working on this I don’t think it will be that long before a full release version is ready. From the sound of things CAVS 3 is going to be something special and when it is released it should be a worthy AV to compete against any other - with the added advantage of being free for everyone.